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  1. I moved into new rented house, I called & gave the start meter readings, my name & emai & phone number to SP, I requested a contract & standing order mandate to be sent in the post for me to sign & return & asked for the cheapest online tariffs. 3 years & 5 months later I still have not received anything in my name from SP, what I have received are many letters (possibly bills?) addressed to someone else, all of which I returned to SP "not known at this address. I have called them 4 times speaking to different operators all promising to help & put me thr
  2. Strange, how my thread on the PLUSNET community web site forums setting out all of these details has mysteriously vanished !
  3. An update on this PLUSNET saga, the court document gave them 21 days to pay, on or before the 25th of July, yesterday I received a cheque from them " RESULT " except for the fact that the name on the cheque isn't correct, & the amount in figures is different from the amount in letters, so my bank wouldn't accept it. So is this sheer ineptitude & incompetence on their part - or a cynical & deliberate ploy to avoid paying ?
  4. A bit on the legalities, you can file & pay for your claim online, cheaper than doing through your local Court, I needed to have all my paperwork ready & correct for the hearing which is not scary at all, its not in a court its held in a small office where you sit opposite the Judge, in my case I needed to prove that I had written to PLUSNET to complain (copy of letter & proof of postage) proof that 2 appointments were booked (copies of the 2 emails) proof of the original payment (copy of bank statement) so that the Judge could work out the interest owing (a whopping £4) unfortunat
  5. the process I took before going to court was to write to them quite specifically setting out my complaint & my demands & giving them 14 days to respond, pay up or be taken to the SCC , their miserly offer of £25 in response was totally unacceptable so I proceeded to sue them using the online SCC process, the lengthy delay was caused by the legal system, them failing to mediate, & them failing to file their response on time - which was noted by the justice & contributed to his decision in my favour.
  6. getting to court was the delay, which they rely upon hoping you will give up in the process, they have until the 25th of this month to pay which is only correct, I will keep the site informed of progress (if any)
  7. I SUCESSFULLY SUED PLUSNET/BT IN MY LOCAL COUNTY COURT ! In February 2014 I contacted PLUSNET to install a phone line & supply a modem & broadband at the new house I was moving to. I paid them £72.98, I received confirmation of my order (a contract ?)in the post the following day & 2 appointments were booked for a month later for the work to be done. I moved to my new house & waited, I took 11 hours off work unpaid to be at home for the BT Openreach engineers, but no one turned up, I tried to contact PLUSNET on my mobile several times only
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