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  1. all nationwide would say was the company was called travel money on the statement. i used companys from compare travel so should all be reputable. The transaction happened on monday the 29th of june, so if its not back in my account by tomorrow night, what should i do??
  2. i only noticed yesterday morning when i went to pay a bill online and my card was declined. I then phoned nationwide and they said to wait until Monday night. What happens if my money will not be returned? how can i push the situation as i have booked the car in for a service tomorrow morning
  3. Im going to France on Friday last Monday i tried to buy euros online. i tried 4-5 different company's to get a good rate but i could not buy through any of them because i had recently moved house and didn't pass their identity checks. One of these company's has frozen over £1500 out of my bank account since Monday and my bank nationwide are doing nothing. i don't know which company has frozen the money as it only says on the statement travel money. i ended up going to the post office to get my euros, now am left skint until this money is returned. can someone please help on this as i only have a few days till i go.
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