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  1. Did you have to do 2 straight away or were you on 1 hour and then over time it got boosted up to 2 hours?
  2. Just thought I'd post back and post a bit of insight. So this week I've got to visit the WP building twice: * Once for the "mandatory" job searching * Once for a general interview w/ my advisor, who I cannot stand already So once I got there, I was told behind one of the men at the glass, "Please take a seat and your advisor will come on over and bla bla", I did and I was sat down for like 20+ minutes before she came over and said that I needed to be on the computers near the sign in sheet (In a degrading manner, trying to make me feel like **** because of whatever reason), I did n
  3. You know like there are "mandatory" job searches every week or whatever, does anyone know how long these usually last? As I would rather not spend hours there when I could be using those hours at home and doing more efficient job searches with a better computer, better tools and better internet, along /w a quiet environment for when arranging interviews/phone calls etc. So yeah, any one who has been to these things in the past, what is the usual time frame that they go on for?
  4. I'm actually a Web Developer and not a graphic designer, so that's that. But Your comments are quite rude and as Estellyn pointed out, you being a troll? I don't understand where it's coming from. Completely false, I stated that when in minimum wage jobs I would lose focus on my other work, my freelance work, my web development work and that would make me question if I'm doing the right thing being in x line of work instead of y. I finished university in 2013 and since then I have been involved in Web Development jobs (both small and large) and also had other part-time jobs along
  5. Don't you find that if you get yourself involved in a job that isn't entirely what you want to do, that you end up losing focus/determination for the actual job that you wanted to get? I used to work for a company, nothing big, it was just a simple admin job and I started to lose overall focus regarding my Web Development jobs, I didn't want to work full-time + work part-time for myself because I then would literally have no time left for myself, I'd work 9-5 and then if I did have a job that needed completing I would either a.) have to have some food when I'd get in and then crack on til arou
  6. Did you get a job working for the Work Programme, is that why you're so annoyed? But no seriously, who are you talking to? Me, Mr. P, whom? I don't know. One question that I will answer though, is the following: Why would any one given the choice want to have to work a minimum wage job? I know I wouldn't, when I personally apply for jobs, I look at it like as if it were a Tier list, at the top would be the jobs that I want to apply for, the jobs in my trade (Web Development, Web design, UI/UX design/development, etc), after that it would be Computer engineering jobs, assist.
  7. Right okay, well I've got an Interview my advisor on Wednesday and a job search on Tuesday, so I'll bring up all of these points then, it just makes no sense what so ever. I totally agree, I'm all for jobs being put forward for me to apply for and potentially get interviews at, but when they're making my life unusually hard for no apparent reason, then it starts to become a little tiresome for me. Like, there were also talks of me taking some employability course. I asked about it and it was stated that it's a 3-week long course for those who are uneducated in using computers, fin
  8. Right okay, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't only me and was actually a traditional practice that they force into place.
  9. Yeah that's true. Is everyone who is on the WP forced to come into their offices and do active job searches on their computers as well as job searches at home via: Universal Job Match?
  10. This made me LOL irl, oh my days. Wouldn't sending this cause more problems? but then again I started to think to myself, if they're going to make my time there awkward and difficult, then why wouldn't I go ahead and do the exact same thing? Haha, this is amazing, they're so incompetent it's unreal. This gave me a good laugh though.
  11. I was considering sending something over with the following: "Hi , I've decided against sending over my word copy in an attempt to avoid any changes (un-wanted changes more than anything) to my CV with or without my permission. You have my .PDF version of the CV and by my standard that is more than enough, most computers and definitely most browsers have built in .PDF readers, so it shouldn't be a problem for you or for anyone else with a modern-day computer to read the CV. Kind Regards, " Does this sound decent enough?
  12. I might just do this to be honest. I have been asked to send over a copy of my CV in a word format today, I knew it was a bad idea putting my e-mail on top of my CV and handing it over to her, lol. My bad. But she does have it in PDF format and that's all I'm going to be giving her, I know full well that if I hand over my CV in Word Document, she'll try and make changes with or without my permission, so yeah, I don't think I'll be sending that over any time soon.
  13. Another thing that I noticed when I was there, was that she kept referring to me as "mate", she was an elderly woman, I'd say she was in her late 40's, maybe early 50's and the majority of the time that she would say something to me, for example: Me: "I actually love working, I like the social interaction, etc etc" Her: "Yeah mate, I know what you mean". It just felt really.. condescending to me, as if she's trying to appeal to me on a more friend type basis, the strange thing is, I was polite when I needed to be, I didn't call her any of the slang we used today, dude, man, mate, w
  14. I will bear this in mind, haha! Thank you so much, I'm going to use that late line for sure, I'm not wasting my time and getting there early/on time if others can simply not do the same.
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