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  1. I'll try again - Lapsed Workaholic you talk a great game but if you are so knowledgeable and high handed, then why haven't you got a job? Simple question, simple answer - please explain....
  2. eh? where did my post go? What's going on here?
  3. Thank you dazz, you sound like a good guy. I'm grateful for you taking the time to respond. I take on board what you've said. A lot of other posters here could learn a lot from dazz rather than waging a war of "who's less disabled me..." Okay I won't claim esa for my anxiety and depression then, you've all convinced me it's not real and just in my own head. very helpful. thanks. yawn.
  4. Thanks estellyn for a reasoned response. No I don't have a problem with the whole country, I just watch the news, and have grown up in an area of London where I see the damage not challenging cultural shtiness does in the name of political correctness. I don't expect any of you to understand that though, and that's not what my question was about. I'm talking about ESA. Okay, so you are basically saying that I'm not depressed and anxious enough yet for esa. I thought the same thing but I do feel very depressed and panicky each time I have to go to the job centre. But not enough yet.... Cooll thanks for the advice.
  5. Don't call me a parasite when you don't know anything about my circumstances. It's clear from what you said you have mental health issues and brain damage so I will allow you a little slack, but abuse like "parasite" is not acceptable. Be careful.
  6. No its not. I want to work. But I don't want to give free labour to this charity place. I get 72 a week job seekers, so that would even work out at about 90p an hour if I did it! Crazy! But my friend told me everyone is saying anxiety and depression gets you on esa and then they leave you alone? I think I've now got this health condition brought on by this woman at job centre. Do I have to go to my doctor or can I just tell them at job centre? thanks for your reply
  7. Hello, A friend told me about this site and that I'd get good advice so here goes. I've been working for the last year but got made redundant last month. I went to claim job seekers and the woman said I need to go on some work programme to help me with work experience even though I've been working for years and only lost my job last month. She told me I've got to go to some pakistani charity in finsbury park even though I live in south london. I don't have the money to get there and actually don't even agree with this charity after researching it. I think money and free labour should help people in our own country and not pakistan which is a place I really don't like. But if I don't do it I'll get sanctioned. My friend told me that I should tell my adviser that I'm feeling depressed about this and it makes me feel anxious. If I do this then I can claim something called ESA and they'll leave me alone. He said everyones doing it to get out of the hell of JSA, but I don't feel comfortable pretending to be nuts when I'm not. What should I do? thanks.
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