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  1. Thanks for your early reply and encouragement. I'll keep trying a find a way to challenge them and work out the cost if I fail.
  2. Thanks again Silverfox. I see Mr Beavis lost. I don't think Ill be able to cope with taking my case to the high or supreme court. Even at this stage if I tried to defend myself on the Northampton county business court form by saying I was too affected by migraine to drive, they have the prerogative to disbelieve me and I have no way of proving this. I have been very mislead by the information on the u tube page that says its unlikely the parking company will pursue a court summons. They obviously churn them out from a computer in large numbers. Obviously I don't think my 15 minutes caused £100 loss to the company, the car park being virtually empty at the time, rather a £100 benefit to the company. I'll probably pay the fine and costs already incurred. I'll probably be no more successful than Mr Beavis and incur even more costs. The odds are staked in favour of parking eye and not those who fall foul of them.
  3. thanks for your fast response. Yes its a live claim. Its recorded on moneyclaim. guess im stuffed.
  4. I have received a Claim Form from the County court Business Centre. Northampton. issued 29th June. The fee is £175. Claimant Parkingeye. For parking 15 minutes overtime. The claimants solicitors name appears as 'signed' but this is a printed name its not a signature. The form has a circle with a crown on it for the court stamp, but it bears no stamp. Is this form legally legitimate. I notice it requires me to submit all personal details imaginable including my bank account balance. They want an acknowledgement of service. What happens if I ignore this unsigned for letter? Form says Judgement MAY be made against me. Don't they have they have to take me to a local county court for that or have they already done that with this form. My only mitigating circumstances are that I visited the shops but didn't buy anything then became ill with a migraine and had to take prescription medication and get a cup of tea until I felt fit to drive. The car park was virtually empty so I have not inconvenienced them to the sum of £100. Please advise me. Enough stress already for 15 minutes. Thanks
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