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  1. Thanks, but as she believes she has sent me it, I don't see how threatening legal action will help..


    A little back story; she is an aging lady (60+) and she is on lots of medication for various illnesses, she was extremely forgetful with payslips, wages and other things, but she is a genuinely nice person.


    Is there any other way you can think of going about this? if not I geuss I will have to just go to the tax office.

  2. So in April 2015 I walked out of my job.


    My boss posted me my p60, which I thought was all I needed, However now I am trying to apply for ESA due to health conditions and I am told I need a P45 form.


    I asked my boss for a P45 and she said she sent it with my P60, but I know for a fact I don't have it because I keep all forms like that in a drawer and I have checked for it multiple times.


    What can I do? She swears blind that she has given me it already, and without this I cannot finish my claim, also from what I gather you cannot get a replacement form..


    HELP :(

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