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  1. FYI thats the picture they took as evidence. The pics they took of my number plate were really bad too apart from 1 you cant make out my plate.
  2. Not allowing me to upload the picture. I'm going on holiday tomorrow too for 2 weeks. Apparently I need to respond to the letter by the 15th I won't be in the country. Only received the letter today.
  3. Hope someone can advise. I received a parking fine in reading Vastern Road but honestly thought I was OK parking where I did. Secondly there no ticket displayed on my windscreen and all images are poor The sign read: 8am - 6pm Permit Holders Only or 2 hours no return in 2 hours I read this as Permit Holders can park between 8am and 6pm, ANYONE ELSE, reagrdless of whether they have a Parking Permit or not, can park for 2 hours (but not return within 2 hours after leaving). So my understanding was that as I was not a Permit Holder I could park for 2 hours at any
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