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  1. I understand this and to me, that kind of motivation warps the system Thank you for the kind wishes
  2. Thanks LemonNews for the info, if all goes to plan I should be off there radar soon enough. My main purpose right now is get my English exam done and then get a decentish job and enrol on an evening class for level 2 maths, once I have that done, more options open for me. They seem to be trying to derail me but, I guess i'm stubborn and gives me more motivation. I'm still trying to work out why they would try to stop someone who is on their way up, I can if it's someone who shows no interest. AH well, the system works
  3. Idiots would be more appropriate I was sent to the new course, I got there and greeted by the same guy who did the employability course I did two weeks prior. The course I was sent for by a4e, now Peopleplus, was supposed to be CV and Interview techniques. This turned out to be the same ten day course I was conned in to doing. i was lucky that the guy was one of the few who thought I did not even need it the first time around, there are still a few decent people left. Anyway I was allowed to go home and then due to this was able to sit the first part of four sections in my English exam, yes I would have missed part of my exams. Going by what I was told, they don't have anymore plans for me at this moment in time and hopefully sit all parts of my exams in English on the 22nd. After realising they had made a cock up, I held off from complaining but will, once I have the safety net to back, which is my exam pass. Be sure i'm noting everything negative they do now
  4. Hi sabresheep, Yes I thought I would keep it less personal no matter what my thoughts. I could use worse also but, would that get me back on track
  5. I doubt I can thank you enough, the legal part always screws me up and yes, again THANK YOU I'll edit in what's needed and print it off tomorrow.
  6. williamtold, We all join sites for a reason, I have my issue ongoing right now and that's why I joined today, but if I can help someone with advice on something I have gone through then I will. I went through ESA and I was very ill at the time, this was not easy and the assessments that follow were humiliating and degrading. This ended through the ultimate humiliation whilst I was still not fully well (ATOS) I know some will know what I mean. You go on sick ok, then what after you're found fit for work a few months later. Delaying is pretty pointless, depression is not a reason you can't work. Can you lift a kettle? can you wash yourself? can you walk a few yards? ESA should be for those who can't do any of these things and more. We all have our gripes and knowledge of what's wrong with this country but this is about benefits, use the DO-IT site and you may find something more suitable.
  7. I just hope the info is enough for you to go, if not of course please don't hesitate to ask. And again, thank you for taking the time
  8. Thanks Lapsed Workaholic, For months she claimed to have no idea if she could, I saw my work coach on 3/6/2015 and that is the first time she looked in to it. I feel this was more a case of they wanted it in house and a Tutor had only just started. I sat the assessment of my level on 10/6/2015 and on that date I was one week behind the others as they started the previous week (others as in students) which I did not mind and knew I could catch up, I believe that I official was enrolled the following Wednesday which was the 17th of June, but we all sit exams the same week. 21st and for me the 22nd due to my driving test on the 21st. Btw I am glad they sent text messages as reminders with the dates, basically the work coach rushed to put me on it, this is what confuses me. It is like having two different people getting me to do two different things the same time
  9. My advice is that ESA is not the easy ride and that once on it, it can actual make you ill. I was trapped on it for a number of years Regards charity work, I signed up to a site called DO-IT.org and chose my own before giving them the chance, I got what I wanted and was local, it does not give me experience but, keeps the wolves kind of from the door. Go to the site create an account and the rest is just local charities to where you live, mine reimburses my bus fare. Sometimes you benefit more from jumping before you are pushed, mine is only four hours a week but, I would do more if asked.
  10. Thanks Mr.P for the reading material, i'll study the lot
  11. Thanks for the follow up. Sadly if it was mentioned as elementary English and maths it would think to be entry level which it was not, I mention as it confused a few of us when we started as some were entry level 3 and thought just level 1 was lower. Not my ego talking but more the wording. 1, Is spot on. 2, As said just that word but yes. 3, When I was referred I made my thoughts clear on that and did directly complain to my MP at the time (now retired) he just forwarded the email sent and I got an apology from the Jobcentre Manager. Nope no mention of footing the difference but I made my point there. On the week I got told I was flagged for the WP, I had an assessment on what I was doing at the time, I explained and was told that I was doing more than expected ( this was still the Jobcentre before the complaint went through) 4, As above. 5, 6, Pretty much the reason. 7, This is where one thing crosses the other. Initially I was told to report to them twice a week for job search and was told that because i'm so busy it should've been 5 days a week for four weeks, Tuesdays and Thursdays but, due to a lesson being on a Thursday, this meant only Tuesday. On the day I saw her she asked me if I would be interested in meeting this recruiter who could help me in the right direction. I think this was due to me mentioning possible call centre work. It seemed to be a bad idea on my part. Anyway I was told to meet this Recruiter a few days later after one of my lessons, I saw him and you know how well that went but, since then I have been in that building almost everyday and he is also there everyday and was told he also does the work coach job and he seems to be good friends with all those who work in there, I saw him on the 18th of June, so just a couple of weeks ago. 8, I've never been pulled up on job search. 9, Pillock is a good word. 10, The Employability course seems to be for those who have no or little work history, such things as clothing for an interview, how to conduct yourself in an interview, how to get to an interview, it was the very basics that most should already know. I think I was placed on this to make up the numbers. I was told to report there on the Monday with another from that work programme, he was also told it was for a cscs card. We turned up and not enough showed up and so was cancelled for the following day, we did and that's when we was told what the course really was. I was not impressed with other course options. The Guy running it was a good guy but due to me being there and now mandatory, there was little I could do but got through with it. He was an ex Teacher and most understand my reason for Education, him included. The course lasted 5 days and finished the Monday just gone, I got a text message on the Tuesday saying I was enrolled in this new course that starts on the 7th of July, the original course should've run 10 days which meant I would still be on it until this Monday. This would have killed three weeks of study time and leave me one week (two full days) to get to test level. I was lucky I managed to get my studying done this week. The studying is done in house and so in the same building and they know exactly what i'm doing. This is not a mistake by them, they do know exactly what they're doing. I hope this covers more and yes I have fixed broadband, I forgot, another part of the employability course was how to manage money, I think I answered that question as i've had broadband with no errors on my part for paying in the past five years. Thanks again
  12. Hi Lapsed Workaholic and I appreciate your kind words. I signed on for the first time in years in August of last year, this was through the Jobcentre. I got given a signing on book and that's it until about October and it as since then being a4e destroying my plans. I was one of those less savvy and seems I signed papers that could go against me later :/ I wish I had found this site before as I would've been better prepared. When this recruiter told me I was only a labourer I was being double teamed by my "work coach" I mentioned I would like to finish English and maths, the reply came that I was refusing their help then (i knew they was digging a hole for me) so I had little choice or be sanctioned. I only just found out that these people get paid on commission when they "find" someone a job, is this correct and if so, how is that making them find you suitable work? Very strange if correct. Regards the agreement I only know I was on it from August if this helps? sorry I can't be more specific The situation is getting that silly that I even cancelled a dentists appointment.
  13. Hi, i'm new to this forum and so, thank you for allowing me to join. My story is long but, in a very short period of time, it as become clear to me that it is standard practice to, what I see as demolish your moral and ignore anything positive you are/have done. Around October last year I was studying level 1 in English and maths, at my own request through my Jobcentre + and was getting ready to sit my exams in December, anyway I went to sign on and was told that I had been flagged for a work programme. This was in November and I found that moving me to that meant I was not entitled to my bus fares to College being reimbursed. I felt a bit unhappy but I was lucky that I could cover this. I passed both of them, I then thought of asking my wonderful "work coach" if she could put me in for level 2, thinking this would look great on my CV and of course help me to find more secure employment, her answer was that she had no clue whether she could refer me. Again zero help from even this place. You need to bear in mind that I have been out of the system for a number of years through illness, silly me thought they were here to help me get the best chance to move forward. Leading from that I went to learndirect who were helpful enough to put me on a course called (European Computer Driving License at level 2) this could be seen as advanced computing, I passed this with a distinction star rating, the highest there is. I am not mentioning this to blow my own trumpet but, this is more, I was adding to my CV of things to move forward and aim towards a good job. I asked again my helpful "work coach" if it was possible to get me on to English and maths level 2, A huge surprise to me that she said yes, I felt great and more motivated to pass these and looked forward to adding them to my CV (it really would look good) Now is where the fun begins. My work coach just before starting me on the courses I have asked for, for six months, decides I have to do job searches for four weeks, lucky that I do driving lessons on a Monday ( so no) Tuesday (yes) Wednesday (no as thats English and same for Thursday, Friday I do voluntary work. I hope you're getting the picture that I am trying my damnedest to move forwards. Now I did not mind the job search but, she asked me if I wanted to see a recruiter to give me helpful advice on my career. I was thinking Call centre or pretty much none manual work as i'm now 46 years old. I agreed and was a massive mistake. The guy basically went out of his way to try to destroy anything I have done in the past 9 months, ignore that and concentrate only my past, the words that came was that I will be nothing other than a labourer came from his mouth and i'm still not sure what stopped me from knocking him out. Next bit of fun I was told I had to go on a ten day course for cscs and I have no construction background for those wondering. I was lucky again that it ran for five days but, they I have no doubt got paid for the full ten days. This was not a cscs course but was an employability course? It should have finished this Monday coming for those wondering, the English course I could have missed two weeks of and could get kicked off for falling behind on my studies, I got lots of homework from my tutor and so you ask, what is the problem, you're still on the course you need. I got a text message from my "work coach" telling me that from the 7th of July I am of a course to teach me about how to prepare a CV and training for interviews (mandatory) which may kick me of the English course, I am down for sitting my exam in tree weeks from now, this would give me two more weeks to prepare, I also have my driving test the day before which I have had to cancel a few and two of those in the past tree weeks to make sure I don't get put forward for a sanction. If they treat people who are trying like this, then why are they even pretending to help. I did the early courses to give myself a boost and reason to keep moving forward but, the only ones slowing me down are those who are paid to help? It seems it's down to profit and the sad part is, if you're stuck in their loop of finding you shot term inappropriate jobs then you will be back to where you started and just making them a profit with zero help in what the actual person needs. I'm still deciding whether to complain now or wait until I get kicked off the one course I need to get me out of their grip. Thanks for reading and I hope those who previously posted their problems have had them solved. I forgot to add, i am only thinking they would put me on three courses at the same time to kill my enthusiasm for going forward?
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