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  1. I borrowed £11190 to purchase a car for £15000. Unfortunately after 9 months I missed 3 payments. Money barn demanded that the car be repossessed. I offered to fully pay all arrears but they refused. They now state the car is worth £6000 despite originally informing me that they valued the car at £11400 and after sale I would not owe them any further. They also have indicated I owe approximately £13600 on a loan that was originally £11190 In a nutshell they now want be to charge me a further approx. £7800 despite taking taking the car away. So they want £7800 to add to the £2700 I have already paid Total approx. £10500 and they take the car valued at £10000 + away???? I have asked them to take me to court and will report them to the FCA. IMHO This type of loan shark operation covering itself with a veil of being a reputable lender needs adjudication. IMHO stay far away from this company as possible
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