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  1. Hello Steve,

    I contacted CAA, Holiday Which and other authorities but no one wanted to help and would just fob me off. I also contacted the CEO of Jet2 who just ignored me. I eventually got my story published in the papers with recorded evidence that there was no aggressive behavior but Jet2 continued to ignore that to. I just found that it was a waste of my time fighting it as there was no help and people are very judgmental and rude. It appears that it is ok for companies to make up lies about customers. I can't afford legal action so I've just let it go. I wish you all the best and hope you win your case, please let me know how you get on if that it ok xx

  2. Hi Steve,

    I contacted CAA, Holiday Which and other authorites but no one wanted to help and just fobbed me off. I got my story published in the paper with recorded evidence that there was no aggressive behaviour displayed, Jet2 decided to ignore that to. People are very judgemental and always tend to believe the lies given out by large companies, so they can do and say as they please. I can't afford legal action so I've had to just let it go. Good luck and I hope you win your case. Let me know how you get on xx

  3. Thank you for your reply stu007. Yes I read the terms and conditions when I returned from my holiday, but as I have said, there was no aggressive behaviour displayed at all, and we apologised in regards to the miniatures bought at duty free and handed them to cabin crew. It is the false allegations made within the report which was submitted. It looks like airlines can just make up false reports and refuse flights as they know that people will not believe the passengers which appears to be the case. They are just going to get away with it as people are quick to judge and jump to conclusions xx

  4. p3t3r that was exactly what I said to my friend, the hole thing was weird, even my friend turned round to me on the flight and said that he was waiting for someone to jump out and say that we had been punked lol. We have had support from people who know us, but alot of other people have jumped to conclusions thinking that there was more to it, which I probably would to, I think the airline companies know that. Just hate to be made out to be something that I'm not, and I would never treat anyone the way we have been xx

  5. Thank you p3t3r, any help is great. We never disagreed about our own drink. We just asked why our passports were needed and were they going to put us on some sort of register after there had not been a problem as we handed our miniatures to cabin crew and apologised. We are disputing the fact that a false report was submitted with false allegations which resulted in refusal on our return flight xx

  6. This was the email that I sent to the executive chairman of Jet2. With the response below.


    My email


    I would like to take the opportunity to make an official complaint and it to be fully investigated as any serious complaint should. I have attached a recording of a conversation on the flight in which Mr C has been allegedly accused of aggressive behaviour. You will find that this conversation did NOT display any kind of abusive behaviour that has been reported by cabin crew member on the Jet2 flight which took place on Sunday 21st of June 2015. The recorded conversation was between Mr C, E (cabin crew) and myself. This is the very last conversation we had with the crew in relation to the consumption of alcohol on board who advised we would have the miniatures returned to us when we departed the plane in which they were. It is also evident during the recording that we both complied with cabin crew instructions and did NOT continue to consume our own alcohol (4 miniature bottle of vodka bought from duty free) the bag contained the receipt that showed we only purchased 4. We had already apologised for the misunderstanding that we had no idea that you were unable to consume the miniatures purchased at duty free as had been told at duty free shop you were able to do so. We handed them to cabin crew until the end of the flight so fully complied with what we had been asked. Cabin crew then asked us if we would like to purchase alcohol from the airline trolly, in which we did along with a toasted baguette and crisps. We were then informed by another cabin crew member (K) that we should not have been served alcohol and the cabin crew would be reprimanded for selling us alcohol. I offered to return the purchased alcohol for a full refund in which (K) advised this would not be necessary. It appears that there was misleading and conflicting information submitted during this flight by the crew members. I also made the crew member aware that the conversation was being recorded as we had been spoken to in abrupt manner by the previous flight attendant who advised us she was the duty manager(K).


    Please also find attached the letter which we had received after cabin crew had already retrieved the miniature bottles and received an apology from both Mr C and I. This type of letter is unaccepatable to be handed when it does not fit the situation in any form.


    Furthermore it states in a previous email sent by Chris F (please refer to emails sent below) that we disobeyed cabin crew instructions not to drink our own alcohol and when our passports were requested aggressive behaviour was displayed by Mr C which is also false information. Mr C had asked why they needed our passports and would the information be recorded on a database? Due to human rights and data protection, Mr C had every right to ask where his personal information would be recorded and for what use. The email also states that Jet2 have a zero tolerance approach to aggressive behaviour and it is for that reason that we were refused travel on our return flight. This has been extremely upsetting allegation and this is why we would require a full investigation to prevent further passengers receiving this treatment and ruining other holidays. We were not even refunded for our flights, and had to cut our holiday short by flying with a difference airline at a far greater expense due to this. We have been told on numerous occasions that a report has been filed confirming aggressive behaviour and yet we have asked for a copy of this on numerous occasions but have yet to receive this.


    If these allegations were to be true, then why were the police not informed to meet us after our arrival on the flight to Crete Heraklion airport? Why did we continue to be served alcohol on board? Why were we told and the recording confirms this that the recording of passport details were for a "slap on the wrist"?


    As you can imagine, both Mr C and I were shocked upset and spent the further days trying to resolve this issue under great stress. Receiving a call from Jet2, informing us that we could not fly back home with Jet2 on our return date Sunday 28th June 2015 due to alleged misconduct upon our flight on Sunday 21st of June 2015. During numerous conversations by phone to Jet2, Mr C had asked if we were banned from flying with Jet2 for our return home, where he was informed that he could book again on the with Jet2 on Sunday 28th June 2015. Mr C had then asked if we could have confirmation of this via email so that we could not be refused flight at arrival. We were refused email confirmation of this, which makes me think that this is some sort of money making scheme.


    In conclusion both Mr C and I would like to give Jet2 one last opportunity to rectify this situation through compensation, firstly for false allegations, ruined holiday, flights and additional flights and a expensive phone bill at Mr C expense to Jet2 plus the stress and inconvenience that this matter has caused us both. we would also like an investigation into the duty manager for submitting untrue reports as would never like any other customer to go through this. I find this a reasonable request if you still feel that the allegations are true we have no option to take this matter further.


    I look forward to your detailed response with a copy of the false report.


    Kind Regards





    Thanks for your message, I am sorry I cannot help you. I know that Chris F has investigated and unfortunately confirmed that we are not able to

    change this decision.


    Yours sincerely.

  7. Hello Conniff, thank you for your reply it is much appreciated. I get where you are coming from, I would probably think the same thing if it hadn't of happened to me. I can only write what happened and it is for this reason that I want to take it further. We all hear about passengers who display abusive behaviour on flights, but I am certainly not abusive by any means, I am probably the softest person anyone could meet, that's why I can't believe that a company would file a false report which feels that we have nowhere to turn for help, so was hoping that this forum could give me some insight and guidance. Thank you xx

  8. My friend and I were traveling to Crete Rethymon on the 21st of June 2015 with Jet2 from Glasgow airport. We were meant to return with them on the 28th of June 2015 to Glasgow airport.


    We bought 4 miniature bottles of vodka at duty free. When we were on our flight, my friend opened one of the miniature, one of the cabin crew said that we were not allowed to consume it on the flight. We apologised and handed the miniatures to the cabin crew to be locked away until we departed our flight. We were then asked if we would like drinks from the trolly, we ordered food and some alcoholic beverages.


    Another air stewardess came over to us with a bad attitude and handed us a rather threatening letter. She asked for our passport details. We then asked why we were asked for our details as we did not want to be put on some sort of data base.


    The air stewardess began to raise her voice, threatening us, that if we did not hand over our details she was going to get the pilot and that the police would be waiting for as when we land. We did not refuse to give our details, we simply asked what they were going to be used for.


    My friend asked her to lower her voice as it was drawing attention to us.


    We gave our details to another air stewardess who apologised for her colleagues behaviour, she also told us that we would be able to fly with Jet2 on our return flight and not to worry. (I have a voice recording of this conversation).

    Half way through our holiday on the 24th of June 2015, we received a phone call informing us that we were being refused to flu home with Jet2 due to a report which had been filed by cabin crew that we continued to drink our own alcohol and displayed aggressive behaviour.


    These allegations are untrue and frankly quite frightening that Jet2 staff can make up such lies leaving their customers stranded in a foreign country.



    I have sent numerous emails to Jet2 asking for the situation to be fully investigated and I have sent the voice recording as evidence that no aggressive behaviour was displayed by my friend and I. Jet2 just said that it has been fully investigated which we know that it has not. We feel that our voice has not been heard.



    We had to cut our holiday short by returning home on 27th June 2015 with EasyJet flying from Heraklion airport to Edinburgh which caused us further expense. We paid approx £400 for alternative flight, thats not including the expensive phone bill of £50 for phoning Jet2, bus and taxi expenses to travel to the airport, or having to cut our holiday short which also ruined our holiday.


    Lastly we both experienced much stress in regards to how we would get home. This has put me off flying again, as it appears that customers do not have any rights, and how easy it is for staff to make up lies leaving passengers in foreign countries. (I have a copy of all email correspondence, voice recording aboard the flight with a member of cabin crew, we also have a photo of the threatening letter which we received on board.


    Help would be much appreciated as we are looking for compensation, an apology, and for cabin crew to be dealt with appropriately in order for this to not happen to anyone else.

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