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  1. No, I am going to leave it there. It has taken a long time to get to this point, I am happy that they are not going to pursue for any more monies. I am happy just to draw a line under this now and just get on with my life now. Thanks again for your help and advice, it has been invaluable and I am very grateful. My advice to anyone who going to join a gym, make sure you do not sign up to any contracts. There are so many gyms now that are contract free. Read the small print very carefully
  2. I chased David Lloyd on Monday as I had not heard from them since my last email when I said that I was frustrated with the whole situation and that I would write to BBC Watchdog to complain about David Lloyd. They said that it would be put to the General Manager and I had not heard anything since the 6th August. They have finally come back to me today with the reply below. Thank you for your email, I have escalated the situation to the General Manager and he has agreed to close the matter with ARC and there are now no further fees to pay. I am so happy this is now ended and I cannot thank you enough for your help. I thought that I would be paying this balance off for the next 3 years and it is great having this burden lifted off my shoulders. Thanks again and anyone in a similar situation just keep going and hopefully you should receive the right result. This has really made my day, thanks again
  3. Can you believe I just read your message and was going to contact ARC Europe when my mobile rang and it was them. I said straightaway that I was in correspondence with David Lloyd Head Office and they said that it was on David Lloyds' instructions why they sent the most recent letter. They said that they would make a note that I am still in correspondence with the Head Office and to put a hold on further communication. I will go back to the Head Office outlining what you have said below. Thanks
  4. Hi, I followed your advice and sent a letter to David Lloyd Head Office with the info you supplied me. They wrote back to me saying that if I had sent in proof of medical condition they would have waived the 3 month notice period and added if I could supply proof they would look into the cancellation of the membership. I went to my GP and they looked through my medical notes and found two Letters from my Local Hospital where I had x-rays with regard to my right knee and right foot. They dismissed the first x-day which was dated in August 2011 saying that I was still attending the gym at that time. The second x-ray was dated May 2013 which they say was dated 4 months after my request to end my membership and as the notice is 3 months they would not be able to accept this. Can you believe as it was one month over the 3 months they were not prepared to accept it and the outstanding payments still stand. Is it worth challenging this as this letter from the hospital would probably not have been sent to my GP promptly and would probably have been sent to the GP some time after but how do they expect me to have supplied proof when they did not inform me when I first informed them that I wanted to end my membership. I cannot believe they could be so petty over a month. I am so angry and frustrated as I really wanted to put an end to this membership with David Lloyd. I have received another letter from Arc Europe that Solicitors have been instructed and if they do not receive full payment of outstanding balance another £85 will be added for costs.
  5. Thank you very much for drafting this letter. I will address to the Head Office and send off by Recorded Delivery. I really appreciate all your help and will let you know what the outcome is.
  6. Apologies it has taken a little time to find all the information. I have sent a PM message with the information. Thanks again Barbara
  7. I cancelled both memberships at the same time. I did mention to them when I froze my membership about my injury and when informed them after a few months of my frozen membership that I was not fit enough to resume coming back to the gym but all they mentioned to me was the fact that as I had frozen membership I would have to pay 3 months full membership but at no stage did they mention anything about supplying a Medical Confirmation of my illness as I would have obtained this from my GP. It was only when I informed ARC Europe recently that I could not afford to keep up the payments as I was unemployed and on hardship payments as I am a student. They said I should have obtained a medical certificate from my GP when I wanted to cancel membership. If you could draft up a letter I would be really grateful, to get any of my money back would be a bonus but if I can just draw a line under this and not have to pay this remaining £348 that they are demanding I would be more than happy. I will send you by PM the last correspondence I received from ARC Europe.
  8. That is all the information I received with regard to my membership. I did not receive a Member Handbook I am afraid.
  9. Sorry apologies I have had so many problems with my internet connection. I have checked again through the terms of conditions and there is nothing else apart from what I have already noted about the 3 month notice on there.
  10. I was not able to find anything specific that relates to sickness or illness except the following :- "If you are unable to give three months notice of the change or closure, you can end your membership by giving us written notice which ends on the date when the changes apply. We will refund any part of your membership fees you have already paid for a period after that date". I have googled details of sickness/illness within David Lloyd's terms and conditions and found the following below :- You will only be able to suspend your membership free of charge in exceptional circumstances (that is, being made redundant, being moved by your employer to another part of the company in a different area, or suffering a serious injury or serious illness which cannot be helped by exercise). To help speed up your recovery from illness or injury, our personal trainers (who have significant expertise in rehabilitation) would be happy to work with you and your GP. Please contact the club to discuss your needs and for details of costs of appropriate personal training sessions. When you apply to suspend your membership because of your serious illness or injury, we will ask you to fill in a membership suspension form. We will also need written confirmation from your doctor, with a valid practice stamp, that your condition prevents you from exercising in the club. We will suspend your membership from the beginning of the month after we have received written notice, and the suspension will apply for up to six months. If you are linked to another member, the suspension will only apply to you and not to them. A linked member will have their own individual membership while your membership is suspended. b) We have the right to confirm with the doctor the information you have given. c) If you want to suspend your membership because you have been made redundant, we will ask you to fill in a membership suspension form. We will also need a copy of your P45 and a letter from your employer. If you want to suspend your membership because your employer has transferred you to work in a place from which you cannot reasonably visit the club, we will ask you to fill in a membership suspension form. We will also need satisfactory written evidence of your move. In each case, we will suspend your membership from the beginning of the month after we have received written notice, and the suspension will apply for up to six months. d) You can suspend your membership for a single period of between three and six months within any 12-month period for any reason not mentioned above by giving us at least one month's notice. The notice period will begin from the start of the following month after we have received your request. We will ask you to fill in a membership suspension form, saying which three- to six-month period you would like to suspend your membership for. These months must be consecutive (in a row) – you will not be able to suspend your membership for individual months. Each individual linked member who wants to suspend their membership will have to pay individual suspension fees. Throughout the time your membership is suspended, we will charge you 25% of the relevant monthly subscription for each month the membership is suspended. Not sure if this is any help. Thanks again
  11. I thought the same thing when I read it. It seems strange that if you cancel within the first year you only have to give one months notice but 3 months thereafter. I will read through it again to find details with regard to illness and sickness and let you know.
  12. In the contract terms its says "Ending your Membership. You or any members Adult or Children liked to you can end your or their membership during the first 12 months of your initial term by giving us at least one month's notice in writing. You notice must end at the of that first initial term. This means that your minimum commitment is to pay for the first 12 full calendar months of your membership with us together with any partial month. At any time after the beginning of the 12th calendar month of your membership by giving us at least three months notice in writing. The notice period will begin from the first of the month after we have received your notice. You must give notice in writing to the sales and membership manager of the club. "
  13. I have attached the terms and conditions below Thanks again
  14. I have internet problems trying to get connection. Could you let me know where the Go Advance is so that I can attach the Contract with Terms and Conditions for David Lloyd. Thanks Barbara
  15. Yes I have an emailed copy (PDF copy) of my Contract which I had requested from David Llloyd last year. If you have an email address I can send it to you. No I have not had a breakdown in writing, I was told over the phone when I disputed back in May about paying any more monies. They have recently sent me a letter just stating that they were going to instruct their Solicitors to take proceedings if they do not receive a full payment of £338. I have requested by email today a breakdown of what I have paid, what ARC's charges are and what is left outstanding. I did ask them back in May that I did inform David Lloyd of my injury and that I wanted to give notice and that is when David Lloyd informed me of paying 3 months full months payment as my membership had been frozen. ARC Europe informed me that I should have supplied a Doctors Certificate back when I gave notice to David Lloyd but David Lloyd did not mention this to me as I would have obtained this from my Doctor had I known. Thanks very much for your help
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