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  1. Thanks mate, i will give it a read and I'll get in contact with the seller. I didn't pay anything for the warranty, it was free haha
  2. Yes but the warranty was for 1 year, the fault happened after that year.
  3. No, a desktop pc. I bought it on amazon and they build it.
  4. I checked it and it didnt seem like anything was missing. I call a repair centre to ask them and one of them told me that it could be a problem with the motherboard but in not so sure, im triyng to get a second opinion about that. Maybe some movement or something like that. But there wasn't anything missing i was pretty sure. That's the thing, it's hard to give an explanation cause i could be easily lying basically.
  5. I bought it in amazon, the thing is that the pc is done by parts so i cant be sure about how old is. I bought it a year ago more or less.
  6. No probably not, that's the main problem i have no way to show them that the pc was working before I send the pc to repair. I should ask them to turn it on the store to see if it was working, big mistake there.
  7. Yes, the guy opened in front of me and checked the fault, and told me they were going to call the repair centre. After the 14 days they call me and tell the repair wasn't possible cause they didn't have the parts.
  8. Ok! Yes they told me that the fault couldn't be repaired in site and when they called the place were they are suposse to repair the "serious" fault the just didn't have the parts needed (a motherboard probably, which i can find in any computer store) and spend those 14 days in the store. I have contacted by mail to the customer service, the mail of the CEO, i went to the store 4 times, i called them. I suposse i gave them options, but you're right when you say i didnt specify what i want, i just waited to them for a solution. But the thing is that they told me that they can't do anything abo
  9. Im thinking to take things further and send them to court or something, but i haven't a clue how is it. There is some kind of court for small cases? Do i need a lawyer of some kind? Fees? Thanks.
  10. It says the details in general from the store and me and in fault says unexpected fault.
  11. Yes i told them the problem and the guy checked it in front of me. The only problem is that is my word against them in terms of if it was working before i send it to repair.
  12. When i send the pc it was ok, and when they returned it to me it was when it wasn't working. I talked with the guy from the email the ceo and they told me that about the pc they cant do nothing cause they cant confirm if the pc was working before i bring it the 1st tine.im going to call citizen advisor or something to see what i can do.
  13. Hi, i just received a call today and they told me that they can't do anything cause they have no way of knowing if the pc was working before i send it so about the pc they cant do anything, they wanted to give me a voucher of 25£ (haha!!). b****rds, i suppose i learned my lesson and NEVER get near to a currys anymore.
  14. If they repair it like it was before, i got no problem. Im not greedy, i just want my computer running thats all. Yes, i dont like vouchers much, its like you're still giving money to them right? naa...
  15. Glad to do it if it helps I will!!! Hopefully will have good new soon! Thanks again
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