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  1. The letter is dated 26th of June. Any advice you could give me would be really helpful, please do get back to me regarding Statutory Declaration.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Sorry if this sounds really stupid, but how would I find out which Magistrates dealt with it? Also I don't know if this makes a difference or not, but they spelt both my first name and surname wrong.
  3. I didn't get my mail forwarded no, as I said I had forgotten about the letter altogether. I did however return to my previous address a few times to collect mail but there were no relevant letters. At the time it I lived in a shared house, and it was not unheard of for some of the house mates to sometimes dispose of the letters if they were accumulating, also since I no longer lived there it is possible that they just threw them away. I will get in contact with them, but having read some of these other threads, I can't see them being very helpful or sympathetic. Thank you for your reply! Regarding finding out what Bylaw I was prosecuted under, is that information they are required to give me? I have just read that sometimes they are not very helpful when asked for certain information.
  4. Hi apologies if there has already been a thread like this, I'm just new to this site and do not know how to navigate it very well. Last year I was stopped by a ticket inspector on a southern rail train, i did have a valid ticket, however I didn't have a relevant discount card on me. I offered to pay was told I would receive a letter within a few weeks with the details of the fine and how to pay it . A month passed and I received nothing, at the time I was in the process of moving house . I have now moved address and had forgotten about the letter if I'm honest today I received a letter from MARSTON HIGH COURT asking for £650?! I have not seen any prior letters, this is the first one. It also says that if I don'tpay within 14 days tthey are going to send bayliffs over. I definitely cannot afford £650 all at once, and even if I could somehow manage to pay it in instalments it says the amount must be paid in full. I really dont know what to do?! Any advice would be really appreciated!
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