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  1. thanks to all will keep you posted on what happens this site has made me fill a lot better many thanks to all Paul
  2. yes its the very same letter without take payments from my wages thanks Paul
  3. hi again ok so tosday got another letter from ukpc parking people and know it has gone to the (scs) small claims solictors they want £160 pounds and or are goning to send bailiffs round to collect money to the debt and cost owed should i pay or still hold out? ok so i have 14days to pay or they may issue legal proceedings and obtain a ccj for the sums owed plus legal costs. all help so far as been very help full regards fletch
  4. Hi all ok so now I have another letter from another company requesting the money looks like they have given it to someone else to try and get the money (zenith debt recovery) and know it has dropped from £160pounds to £80also they keep phoning lol regards Paul
  5. Hi all not been on for a while got more letters today had one Friday saying I needed to pay 160 quid. then today got another letter saying I could pay 128 quid at a reduced amount and on top of that they keep phoning me. also in the letters they keep threatening with county court judgment that will affect my credit rating getting very annoyed to say the least Fletch
  6. ok have letter and its from DRP debt recovery plus ltd and they keep texting me know as its getting close to 5pm lol
  7. yes I just phoned to see why it had gone from 60 pounds to £160
  8. thanks for the response every one woman has text me today to make sure I phone before 5 to pay I have not answered my phone so should I just forget about it? I am Very stressed at the moment and worried
  9. Hi all got a parking ticket in may got left on my windscreen as I parked in a white box as I went to the gym the white box was out side a shop that had closed down some 12 months ago if not more I then contacted them to state that the shop had closed down I heard nothing till yesterday when I got a letter from the debt recovery firm I phoned them and they said I had to pay £160 the woman on the phone said she could reduce this to £128 if I pay in two days what should I do very scared at the moment as she said it would affect my credit rati
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