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  1. Thanks for your reply, thanks for clearing that up for me I was getting a little worried. Glad I had a nice guy rather than the stern strict inspectors!
  2. fox echo, something similar happaned to me, the gentleman asked for my entry and exit points and let me get off and tap in im quite worried that as my oyster card is registered that i might be fined or prosecuted. Does the PSA usually upload the information to TFL?
  3. Hello OP, any update as to what happened?
  4. Hello everyone, i'm wondering if you can assist me. i have a registered oyster photorcard and was travelling on DLR the PSA had a new ticket reader that read my oyster and told me i did not tap in at my station, my card has some problems registering on validators so i recognised this might be the problem. He told me to get off and tap in, then get back on the train. What im wondering now is whether i am liable for prosecution or penalty fare, i did as he said and tapped in etc but he did not take my details as i assume that is recorded on the car
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