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  1. Thanks for all your replies, I REALLY appreciate every one of them. I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens.... I figured the law was on my side, but, you never know. I've just been honest .... If it does go to small claims court then I'll update this with any outcome. Thanks again everyone who replied. Will Ps no I'm not a trader in the slightest.... I'm a bit worried that he's angry and knows where I live! Not bothered about me so much but don't want him turning up giving my wife grief (or the kids) when I'm at work! Ah well, would happily do without this upset
  2. Hi I'll be brief but I do hope I can get some advice off anyone here! I listed my camper-van on ebay the other week. A guy contacted me outside of ebay and asked to come and inspect it. He came to my house, had a cup of tea etc, seemed a nice guy in all honesty. He did an inspection, liked it, asked me how much I wanted for it, said he had £3k to play with - I (I don't know why I'm so honest) said "I don't think it'll go to £3k on ebay, how about £2.5k". He said yes and left a deposit of 1k. He transferred another £1k on the Monday daytime and paid the balance of £500 in cas
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