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  1. Thanks for all your replies, I REALLY appreciate every one of them. I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens.... I figured the law was on my side, but, you never know. I've just been honest .... If it does go to small claims court then I'll update this with any outcome. Thanks again everyone who replied. Will Ps no I'm not a trader in the slightest.... I'm a bit worried that he's angry and knows where I live! Not bothered about me so much but don't want him turning up giving my wife grief (or the kids) when I'm at work! Ah well, would happily do without this upset, but will see what happens. Ce la vie! Thanks again.
  2. Hi I'll be brief but I do hope I can get some advice off anyone here! I listed my camper-van on ebay the other week. A guy contacted me outside of ebay and asked to come and inspect it. He came to my house, had a cup of tea etc, seemed a nice guy in all honesty. He did an inspection, liked it, asked me how much I wanted for it, said he had £3k to play with - I (I don't know why I'm so honest) said "I don't think it'll go to £3k on ebay, how about £2.5k". He said yes and left a deposit of 1k. He transferred another £1k on the Monday daytime and paid the balance of £500 in cash when I delivered the van to him on the Monday evening (deposit left on Saturday). Now, I've been driving this camper about all over the UK, with and without the family in it, and yes, it sounds rough around the edges, i.e. it doesn't sound like a brand new engine - it's thirteen years old, but it's been ultra reliable, never had one problem with it, even though it's done 165k. On the Monday evening he texts me to say he drove five miles and the engine cut out, and asked me "had it ever done it before?". I said I stalled it twice when I first got it, getting used to the clutch, but that no, in XXXX miles it hasn't missed a beat. He called me today, a very brief call, and says "My mechanic says the engine isn't worth repairing. I'm not going to say anymore but will leave that with you to think about because I'm at work". Then about an hour later, sends me a text to say he's sorry but he's no option but to take me to the small claims court!!! I ask him if he maybe put some bad fuel in, and said that it's been fine in my whole time of having it, and that if the van was broken before I sold it I wouldn't have been able to drive it the 25 miles to him! And I filled it with half a tank of diesel for him, and delivered for free......(why did I bother). The vehicle really has been utterly great, I even drove it 270 miles each way to Essex non-stop a few weeks ago, of course if I'd had any inkling there were problems I wouldn't even have tried that. I didn't, it was ready to drive around the world as far as I was concerned. Anyway this guy is pretty angry on text, and I do actually feel gutted for him, it must be awful. So I offered him £200 as a gesture, non-fault non-admission of fault or anything, if he sends me a copy of the receipt for the first bill he said he's got. He's since come back and has got a bit sweary on the texts, asking me if I have no shame (?). I said that to be shameful I could only be that if I had known it was going to cut out (or whatever has actually happened, he's been a bit vague). Anyway he's refused the offer, I can't give him all his money back because it's already gone to pay off some of my credit card. Plus, at the back of my mind I can't help think he's trying it on. But he seemed a really nice guy, so....argh. What are my rights, it's a private sale from me to him, I didn't offer any warranty, I'm not sure what the outcome of this is going to be if it goes to court. I've been 100% honest.
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