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  1. I was parked outside a sainsburys, was just running in for some breakfast. There was a lorry in the loading bay and I was a good 3 metres away. The warden rushed the ticket and I drove off before the ticket was issued however I got it in the post. He had taken the pictures before issuing the ticket and they show the bike clearly on double yellows
  2. Hi I parked my bike illigally in wandsworth london, i thought i was going to be quick enough not to get a ticket oops Now on the ticket i have been done for parking in a loading bay and the photos taken show the loading bay sign and everything. The thing is the photo of the bike clearly shows its not parked in a loading bay and is parked on double yellow lines. Surely the alledged contravention never took place, i was never parked in a loading bay and i have photographic proof of it. Is this ticket invalid??
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