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  1. Good point. I think that we are just happy to have her old number back as we thought we had lost it. I am sure she will weigh up the options available to her and decide what to do for the best. The problem we came to the forum with has been sorted and so to that end we are happy. I agree that telephone customer services with VF leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately through this website we were able to negate the telephone customer services and that made things much less upsetting. I just wanted to round off the thread and let people know how things have panned out. i will find out what my
  2. A final update. The number has been Ported! My wife called me from her old number this morning. A big thank you to Lee for sorting things out for us, and thank you to all who have read and advised on this post. A fantastic resource without which i am sure that the matter would not have been resolved as we would not have known where to turn. As things stand Vodafone have ported the number and offered my wife the option of leaving her contract without penalty. I am not sure how she will want to move forward from here, though i do know she is very happy to have her number back.
  3. my wife has just told me that the PAC code from Lebara is only valid for 30 days, then what happens if the number is not transferred? does it stay with Lebara. Problem is the sim is no longer active, so will Lebara assign it to someone else? I guess that as Vodafone have had the pac, they will have tried to get the number, so it is ultimately Vodafone who have lost the number? Lee if you read this and try to contact my wife, she says that she has missed your calls as er phone is on silent when the baby is asleep, Please can you either leave a contact number for her to get back to you on i
  4. I think that in order to obtain the PAC code Vodafone would surly have to have the number in the first place? I dont know if this is the case. If they have the number i dont see why there wold be an issue in assigning it to my wifes Sim? Will have to ask vodafone. thanks for the suggestion though. good idea.
  5. Hi Tobyjugg2 Sorry i haven't updated recently, caught up in trying to organize a house move. Since my last update Lee has tried to contact my wife (I think she missed his call yesterday) but currently we still do not have the number ported, nothing has changed and we are still waiting. The lebara sim is definitely no longer working and call forwarding is not an option as when the number is dialed the line gets cut instantly (ref to BazzaS post), so we are still in limbo. My wife tells me that vodafone have said they will release her from her contract, but i dont have any more informa
  6. Oh just seen the reply from Lee. If you could please that would be great.
  7. Thank you BazzaS and tobyjugg2 The Lebara sim stopped working a while ago my wife tells me. It has apparently been in her phone the whole time and every time i have tried to call it the line gets cut instantly so the Lebara sim is not working at all as far as i can tell. We have not been able to make calls from the phone either. haven't been able to since we had the sim.
  8. Thanks for the comments. I will have to check if the Lebara sim is stopped working, i feel that it has. The Lebara sim is only supposed to be a temporary solution though, we don't want to pay as you go and have a contract with Vodafone. The number will need to be ported to another provider at some point as PAYG is not a long term solution in my opinion. Better packages are available on contract and it is a permanent contact number (so we thought), Also i don't think that the Lebara would do all the other things that the Vodafone contract does such as internet etc (not terribly techno s
  9. Thanks for getting in touch Lee, To update this post, Lee has been in touch with my wife and escalated the issue twice, still nothing has happened. My wife still does not have her number ported across, and we are still do not know what has gone wrong. It is becoming more and more of an issue as it has been weeks now and we are missing appointments due to not being informed. Last week i took the day off to take my infant son and wife for vaccinations, only to find that on arrival the appointment had been cancelled. We were informed that the Dr had tried to get in touch but was un
  10. Hi Lee I am not sure how to get in touch with you other than via this post, You told my wife that the problem would be sorted by end of play today. So far nothing has changed. Please could you get in touch and let us know what is happening. Thanks Aaron
  11. I am not sure that this is entirely relevant now as the tread seems to have progressed a long way from the initial complaint of nuisance phone calls from Vodafone, though have you considered registering your phone number with the Telephone Preference Service? its free and effectively stops companies contacting you with marketing calls unless they have express permission to do so. we used to get loads of calls at random times of the day from until we registered, then they just stopped. I haven't made enough posts to be able to include links but a quick google of Telephone preference ser
  12. The more I think about it, I think you could be right. When I asked why we had to move the number and couldn't just end one contract and start another we were told that Vodafone charged a fee for doing this. I don't think that they do in hind sight, when I called to obtain the code to transfer the number they put us through to customer retention and they said as much, however we were advised by Cph to be adamant that we just wanted the code.
  13. Thank you citizenB and bank fodder. I will update the thread as things happen. Hopefully Lee will be able to shed a little more light. Much appreciated.
  14. The reference number from Vodafone: WRT135 [#10743451] (sorry for posting in the wrong place)
  15. Thank you I have read the customer service guide link above, good sound advice and i shall try contacting Lee as suggested by Scott. I will let you know what happens.
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