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  1. For the first time Plusnet actually called me yesterday. Matthew Wheeler's first sentence? "I assume you're calling to clear the outstanding bill." Yes, we've had over a year of bad services and that's exactly why I'm calling. When asked to explain why he'd written the bill off as a "goodwill gesture" and then restricted my services when it wasn't paid - he couldn't. But, and you couldn't make this up, he then went on to say that "as a goodwill gesture" he was willing to halve my bill! I had to ask him to call me back as my phone line was so poor I couldn't hear him. Their res
  2. Hello all, Would welcome any views on my current situation with Plusnet. I have had ongoing issues with my broadband and telephone for over a year- I have given them multiple chances to resolve these problems. Eventually I had to email their CEO to force them to engage with me and the fault even investigated. Despite being told multiple times that there were faults external to my property I was repeatedly told to "change your wireless channel". Eventually I had to complain to CISAS. Shortly after my complaint to CISAS, Plusnet removed from their online ticket support system
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