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  1. For the first time Plusnet actually called me yesterday. Matthew Wheeler's first sentence? "I assume you're calling to clear the outstanding bill." Yes, we've had over a year of bad services and that's exactly why I'm calling. When asked to explain why he'd written the bill off as a "goodwill gesture" and then restricted my services when it wasn't paid - he couldn't. But, and you couldn't make this up, he then went on to say that "as a goodwill gesture" he was willing to halve my bill! I had to ask him to call me back as my phone line was so poor I couldn't hear him. Their resolution to my poor broadband is to restrict my line speed to 1-2mb as "that's the only way we can provide a consistent service"- people might like to bear that in mind when they're choosing a supplier. They have actually gone ahead and done this - despite my emailing them questions as to why this is the only solution and asking for answers before they went ahead - so as I hope you'll all see, it's a farce. Thanks for the info re solicitor, I will contact them.
  2. Hello all, Would welcome any views on my current situation with Plusnet. I have had ongoing issues with my broadband and telephone for over a year- I have given them multiple chances to resolve these problems. Eventually I had to email their CEO to force them to engage with me and the fault even investigated. Despite being told multiple times that there were faults external to my property I was repeatedly told to "change your wireless channel". Eventually I had to complain to CISAS. Shortly after my complaint to CISAS, Plusnet removed from their online ticket support system all records of the conversations we had had prior to their being forced to investigate- this included the year long history of my contact, their responses etc. All that remained was the initial response to my CEO email. Since CISAS closed the call - we are awaiting their decision but they will no longer accept further evidence - Plusnet have become increasing more difficult to deal with. Last week they unexpectedly told me that I had an outstanding amount to be paid and they cut my services. There is no outstanding bill and I asked them to raise a bill enabling me to pay this amount, albeit under duress. Since then they have ignored all contact with me and there is no way I can pay this outstanding amount as my account shows no outstanding bill. Today I receive a letter stating "as a result of your outstanding balance your account has been deactivated". They are not responding to any contact from me. I work from home and am a full time carer to my disabled son - who is educated via an online 'virtual' school - and Plusnet are aware of this. Without access to the internet I cannot work and my son cannot be educated. They are now refusing to respond to my many contacts: phone, email and twitter all ignored. I suspect they will continue to ignore me until enough time has passed to close my contract. My main contact there - Matthew Wheeler - has been phenomenally bad at dealing with these issues and now just doesn't respond at all. Avoid at all costs.
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