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  1. I will be honest I believe that they have made a error and there has been a oversight as the property should not of been remortgage to such extreme. Obviously I am to blame as well and u estimated the amount of work that needed to be done. I will request all information and see what comes up. Your help is really appreciated it's given me room for thought. Also there is amineshaft That has collapsed locally a few years ago where two houses came down just two streets away from my home
  2. Ive found the report from coal authority in 2005 and basically they say basically they cannot accept liability for the claim of mining subsidence and that the mine was extracted in 1905 so ground work would of ceased once property was built after. They refer to a slight sloping site which is possible initial settlement of structure.
  3. The coal authority have issued reports and said that the mineshafts are fine one is filled the other isn't and it's not causing any issues but it has been a good couple of years since the reports were done and we tried everything to get them to possibly sell it over etc. As it stands it's in the hands of the mortgage company to sell and I only now information when j call up to find out what's happening. There are a number of properties that have the same or similar problem they just end up selling via auction or really cheap it's difficult to get mortgages on our side because we are on a slope and have a canal at the back. The house is 110 years old.
  4. What did you do when you found out about subsidence ? I only found out when the surveyor came from abbey national he said its past subsidence and there has been movement. They were unsure if there was any present movemt at the time. Claim on buildings insurance ? No What works have been done ? With the original mortgage before the money could be released we were informed to repair the roof and nothing was mentioned about the subsidence. We've just been patching up and painting over the cracks that appear. So no work was done. Also what did you do when you found out about the work done without planning permission ? We were informed that because we brought the house there was nothing we could do none of the surveyors or mortgage company asked for any paperwork with regard to this. How soon after buying the house was this found out about ? Within a few months when the surveyor came to check property. Did you consult a Solicitors and what did they advise ? I did at the time and we were informed that it should be fine but expensive to insure. Hope that's helps
  5. The house was brought in 2001 we paid cash by borrowing from family £25k the house needed a lot of work doing. I then remortgaged with Abbey national, then a few other companies which led to the debt escalating. The present mortgage company were aware of the situation in terms of subsidence and mine shafts but not to the degree to how serious it is now. The mortgage company arranged the survey. The searches we originally had were just the basic general ones There are different opinions of surveyors with regard to the subsidence but as it stands the house can't sell due to this issue and the fact that their is no building or planning permission for additional work carried out on property. I do believe the mortgage company have seriously over estimated the value of the house it was marketed at £110k and has been reduced to £89k and now is due for auction. I would get legal aid because I am a single parent and not working due to the stress caused etc. if there is anything I can do I would welcome advice
  6. Hi Everyone, I post this with much hope that I can get some support and help in knowing where to start. In January this year my house was repossessed right from under my feet. My mental health had declined to such a degree that I ignored letters and just completely buried my head in the sand. Thankfully, my parents have been amazing and there for me 100% and we tried to agree that we would pay in full the arrears so we could have the house back to which the mortgage company declined after two weeks. now I am left with a huge cost and a house that has reduced in sale price 4 times, it wont sell weve tried in the past its got lots of subsidence problems and theres work that's been completed by the previous owner who has not had planning permission for some of the purpose build brick buildings. I am now of the belief that the house will go for auction. Again, this is something we have tried to do and failed due to the issues with the property. My question is can I claim back any charges? Can the contract be reviewed and looked into? I went through broker and was given very poor advice on the mortgage and hence why this situation is so bleak. What can I do? I know I cant get my house back but I am so worried about the huge cost they will put on me. I just need some advice and it would be helpful to have people who have previously been in this situation. Its awful
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