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  1. 29th October 2015 Last payment was June or July 2009. Default date was November 2009
  2. Thanks, I am certain it is Statute Bared as the last payment was made in July 2009, however default date was later, which would put it inside the SB date by days
  3. I received an attachment of earnings form personally handed to me by a bailiff This is the first I have heard about the debt or ccj I have since found out that this is from an old statute barred debt that Cabot purchased and then got a CCJ in default by serving on an old address even though they had my current address. I just searched my credit file and their search history shows they searched by under the new address before they issued the claim. What should I do to stop this?
  4. I'll call them later today and ask them to send it. Is there a procedure for if they don't send it to me?
  5. I did all that by the deadline, however I haven't received the other solicitors AQ. The deadline was the 12/10/15 I rang CCBC and was told they had received the other sides AQ, but not mine. They told me a 7 day order had just been issued and to email a copy to the court, which I have done. I have also put another copy in the post for them just in case. This time I will be using recorded for all court forms
  6. I received an allocation to the small claims track questionnaire, does this mean the claim has been unstayed?
  7. I personally would SAR them, then you can see everything they have on the account.
  8. I have now received a letter from SLL capital with a witness statement and copies of some emails and a made up copy of the claim form. Does this mean anything.
  9. have you tried going to apple about it. If you book into an apple store, even though you got the phone with O2, they check it for water damage, and replace it on the spot with a reconditioned unit I believe. Thats what happeded last time I had an issue with an iphone. not sure if the policy has changed apple warranty is usually 12 months. even if not covered, apple are cheaper creen Damage Accidents happen. Sometimes a screen can get cracked or shattered. We’re here to help. Request iPhone service You can mail us your iPhone, make an appointment with a
  10. Who did you make a complaint about? Name and shame please. and by the way. The government state the following on statute barred debts IHTM28384 - Liabilities: law relating to debts: statute-barred debts If a lender allows time to pass without receiving any payment an action for recovery may become barred. Under the Limitations Act 1980 the time limits are in simple contracts, 6 years in contracts under seal, 12 years. If the debtor acknowledges the debt in writing or makes a part payment within the original limitation period, then the time limits start to run
  11. surely the easiest way would be to leave it in the will to the timeshare company, who then have to pay themselves. Or better still, a DCA
  12. and which part of that post did I misconstrue? They have to supply it, but not to a bailiff
  13. I have, it seems clearer, however a lot of the advice given to people with problems seems to be pay the bailiffs, don't argue, give them everything they want, they can behave however they like, because they are bailiffs. There isn't a lot of help about dealing with bailiffs and what they can and can't do and how to complain or take action against them.
  14. But the original question was whether onthe following questions needed to be answered Are you currently Employed? Full Time/Part Time? Wages? Who do you work for? - Dependent children - Does your partner work? - Rent or Mortgaged property? - NI Number - DOB to which the answer is no they do not have to be answered, but it may help your case, however the OP has offered to pay in installments that would clear the balance faster than if he had been able to continue paying the council monthly. The council would have a hard job refusing that payment offer. My main
  15. I would agree with this. The bailiff part of the site seems to have lots of posts in support of bailiffs and their actions, and woe betide anyone who objects. As a point of note, I have noticed there are referrals to posts and news items where debtors have lost cases and with the assumption that taking a bailiff to court or complaining is expensive and you will lose.
  16. Crash for cash - how it works In most road traffic 'accidents' where one vehicle is hit from behind by another, it is the driver of the car behind that is deemed to be at fault. So in 'crash for cash' scams the aim is to deliberately stage or induce an accident for which the other (following) driver can be blamed. Fraudsters may also deliberately crash two vehicles together in private or even make a completely fabricated claim for a 'ghost' accident that never happened at all. But of most concern, because it puts innocent members of the public at risk, is the induced accident. In
  17. You have failed to see the distinction I am making. As an example of what I mean. Imagine I am a council. I have asked a Bailiff to collect money for me. Just because I have asked him to collect money, does it mean I have also contracted him out to gather information for me, despite me not asking him to gather that information?
  18. in which case the bailiffs must be asking on behalf of the council, state that is why they wish the information, and be able to show that this duty is being carried out by them, contracted out by the council. there is a difference in enforcing a LO and adding fees and requesting the information because one has been made. Just because the bailiffs are enforcing does not mean that they are contracted out by the council to gather the information.
  19. surely the billing authority is the council, not the bailiffs, therefore they do not have to be supplied the information!
  20. the passengers could claim personal injury, but the driver could not I think
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