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  1. Yep... exact words are 'The terms of parking, as displayed on the signage in photographic evidence, included a requirement to display a valid permit. As this requirement is a continuing obligation, a user breaches it if the permit is not clearly displayed at any time whilst the vehicle is parked, whether or not the user possesses a permit and has a right to access the bay within the lease. As the appellant has admitted that this occurred, they have admitted breaching the terms of parking.' The letter also says I have 14 days to pay as of 15th of august however on the CPM website it states I'm over 30 days overdue. So, what. I'm going to write to CPM again with the new address and a few better set out points and we'll see. I honestly cannot see any judge deciding that £100 is an appropriate charge, let's hope these ****artists realise that too.
  2. At the time I was in a bit of a bad place after moving house and completely panicking. I put in the appeal, like suggested here, that I didn't need a permit to park in my own space and that there was no contract between me and CPM, and also provided a copy of my lease which says my flat came with a parking space. That's what's been refused, the refusal says that the sign was there and stated that the permit needed to be clearly displayed and that I've now admitted I was parked there so therefore i still have to pay. I've since looked about a bit and realised I should have said something about the charge not being a genuine pre estimate of loss, which I didn't know at the time was how to word this sort of thing. I'd also hoped (naively) that maybe POPLA would use some common sense and understand I might not know the exact wording to use, but obviously not. I don't know, I've looked through a lot of others with pcns and most seem to be in retail car parks or similar, I can't find many recent instances of my situation and what the outcome was, so I just have no idea what to expect. It probably seems stupid but I'm the type of person to feel kind of overwhelmed by something like this and keep worrying about it. I also now can't figure out firstly how I would give them my up to daten address and also if that would just make it easier for them to send me a bunch of annoyed letters.
  3. Back in June I posted about a PCN I received from CPM while my car was parked in the space assigned to the flat I was renting at the time. The parking permit had slipped off. As advised I appealed to POPLA after my appeal to CPM was rejected. The POPLA appeal was also refused, basically they said I had no appeal because the sign stated the permit had to be clearly displayed etc etc. I do know that my appeal was very poorly worded. I know I should have brought in something about it being not a pre-estimate of loss for the landowner (since that was my landlord who was leasing the space to me), but I didn't, had no idea at the time that would be such an issue. I've now moved and have not given either POPLA or CPM my new address. The POPLA letter was sent to the old one and redirected to me. It's dated the 15th August and I only got it today, asking me to pay £100 in 14 days. The CPM website is full of apparently successful CCJS and stuff. I'm really not sure where to go from here since I messed up the popla appeal so badly. To add to the mess the car's now not registered to me (it's registered to my husband). I don't really want this to keep going on, especially as if they send me anything I'm unlikely to get it very speedily. There's a lot of advice to just ignore it from here on, but I have no idea if that's a good idea or not. :/ any help would be super appreciated!
  4. Thank you so much for this, it's exactly what I need. I have submitted an appeal through POPLA although it's not worded very well, so I'm just hoping it's enough to get them to stop bothering me.
  5. Hi, I've only just discovered this forum and wish I knew about it before! If anyone could help me in my situation I'd be really grateful. We have been renting a flat with an allocated numbered parking space. My partner parked the car, went in the house without realising the permit had fallen off. He said it was on the seat and still visible. CPM issued a parking charge notice. The pictures show the parking terms which are in the car park about the charge, permit must be displayed in the windscreen etc. In the pictures you can also see the permit holder on the dashboard, having come unstuck. The car's in my name so I wrote back as asked in the notice to appeal. I included a copy of the permit (also numbered), our tenancy agreement showing we have use of the space, explaining that it had fallen but also stating that my partner was in at the time and the bell for our flat is about 10 feet from the space, if they'd rung the bell he would have come down and reattached the permit. Didn't really think much of it, kind of assumed it would be fine. We're now moving out and I just received a letter saying they've rejected the appeal because the permit wasnt displayed, and that it's our responsibility to ensure its on. It also gave a POPLA number and web address to appeal to them. Maybe stupidly, I phoned both popla and cpm. I was a bit emotional but didn't really expect anything to come of it. POPLA told me i should have been sent a paper form, but i wasnt. I can try to do it online but only have my phone and 4g at the moment, it took me 10 tries just to register for this forum :/ Is it worth appealing to POPLA as well? We're not living at the old address and I didn't particularly want to give them the new one, especially if they'll just turn around and reject again. Thank you for any insight! Please let me know if I need to provide more info.
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