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  1. Response from telling them to ask CRS; I did it via email... Thank you for your reply of the 6th October, the contents of which have been noted. As we are unable to resolve this matter for you, I need to advise that we have now closed your account with Zinc and returned to our clients. Please contact Your Gym directly for any further queries. We will advise them of your dispute as they may wish to pursue the matter further. Kind regards Mini win?
  2. This is the response.... Thank you for your letter, the contents of which have been noted. It is not our intention to cause any distress or inconvenience. We are here to help you. I note that there is an ongoing dispute with Harlands and CRS. Please confirm the details in relation to this. I will then be able to look into resolving this matter for you. I look forward to hearing from you and being able to resolve this matter for you.
  3. Thanks again, will do it now.
  4. The Zinc letter just arrived; Amount outstanding: 164.47 Pay a one off settlement of: 125.35 Just a nice letter saying they've been instructed with the final paragraph advising me not to underestimate the seriousness of the letter. Should I respond, ignore, or otherwise?
  5. Yes Zinc thats the one, should I just wait for that letter to arrive?
  6. Had a letter this weekend saying they're passing it on to another debt collection company if I don't respond soon. Sorry I've not got the company name to hand. Any thoughts on this?
  7. Great thanks for that, yes i have read others so I'll stick to the plan for now and come back if I get anything else
  8. Thanks, is the advice to ignore in that case?
  9. [ATTACH=CONFIG]58862[/ATTACH] hi guys, ignored and now I've just had this through.... any advice on what I should do now appreciated?
  10. OK, that fact that they've not specified what further action they're going to take tells me it wouldn't be court or anything like that, seems I'm dealing with the same guy each time as well which is probably a good thing.
  11. The gym operates a monthly no contract basis, there are options to pay 12 months up front for a discount and things like that, but I wouldn't have done that.
  12. Afternoon all, response came today after I sent what you previously suggested. Very text book standard response by the looks of it, any advice on how to proceed appreciated. "Our position remains as previously advised. If you are not willing to set up a payment plan with us, we have no alternative but to proceed with further action against you. We will hold this for a further 7 days. If you advise us again that you do not intend to pay, we will continue our collection procedure, but will not continue to enter into further correspondence as our decision has been made. Payment can be m
  13. Thanks again, I'll be back when I get a response.
  14. Hi all, they have sent me a letter today stating; "Further to my letter on 30th June 2015 we write to confirm that as we have already supplied you with clear explanation as to why your claims are invalid there is not obligation for us to suspend further action against you. Please find enclosed, as requested, a copy of the term and conditions that you have agreed to. We shall suspend action against you for a period of 30 days to all you time to review these terms and seek advice. Yours sincerely......"
  15. I thought I paid the £30 and filled in my details, I may have chosen the monthly option - I definitely did not choose any 12 month contract.
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