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  1. I know Slick, I do find it mind-boggling that a company who cannot find my details, acting on behalf of a gym who believe I have not been a member for 3 months, could pass on details they do not know to CRS and even more miraculously that CRS could then pick my address out and my mothers out of all the addresses in the UK. Amazing stuff. Perhaps I should ask them for lottery number suggestions
  2. lol received an email today: We thank you for your email. We physically cannot find your membership on our systems. The address you have supplied us with isn't bringing up anyone called 'crunchy nutter' we have also tried 'crunchy nutter maiden name' we have nothing. You have advised us that you attend a Gym in Hull, which Gym? We deal with hundreds of Gyms and thousands of members, we require more information. Have you got a reference number? This can also be found on your Bank Statements. Your Bank Account number, we'd have this on our systems so we're able to collect your Direct Debits. Anything like this would be incredibly helpful. It is a shame they have chosen to ignore the addresses, reference numbers and the name of the gym in the email I sent which is then included in their response. *sigh* and to think there are so many intelligent people clogging up dole queues. Funnily enough I am in no rush to send mine or my mother's bank details to them via email. Fools.
  3. Thanks Slick, well I've emailed them pasting in the original letter/email as they are clearly having some kind of communication breakdown and are completely unable to join up any dots. What's the betting I then get a response asking me what my address and or reference is lol. But I shall ignore all. Thanks
  4. Well I downloaded the form for the ICO, have edited it but hadn't got round to emailing it to them as of yet (a job for the weekend!) but today I have received this email from Harlands (calling themselves ICS). Seems they still are not linking my original emailing expressing a wish to cancel as an actual wish to cancel and still seem to be under some sort of illusion that I am a member of the gym despite them emailing every week for the last two months trying to encourage me to join. I'm guessing this is one to ignore? Dear Mrs crunchy nutter We thank you for your email, We can confirm that we have amended the address on your membership. Please note as previously advised in order to cancel your membership you will need to contact our helpline to pay the arrears. For all Enquiries Call Harlands : 01444 449162 () Quote Reference : ******* / Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm Yours sincerely, Harlands
  5. So this week I received a letter from CRS claiming the matter has been passed to them from Harlands and that I have agreed to pay Harlands this debt (which is now a sizeable £101.97- impressive) My mother has also received the same letter. Incidentally my CRS letter went to.....you guessed it. My old address. They are claiming by email to still not be able to find my account. One of my friends is now also having that issue and my husband, despite not having used the gym in 4 months, says that he thinks it will be "more hassle to quit" than to take a few months break :-/ I think he's an idiot personally but that's his battle.
  6. *bangs head on desk* I had attached the original letter posted on 2nd June which contained both "current address xxx" and "previous address on file xxxx".
  7. Today I received this email: Dear ***** Further to your recent email. Unfortunately we have been unable to locate your account we would require you to forward us either your full address or your Direct Debit refference number. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact our Harlands Helpline. For all Enquiries Call : 01444 449 166 Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm Yours sincerely, George, Harlands Customer Services
  8. Oh I've kept everything. Total chancers. I've also been on JD's facebook page today and seen another truck load of people who are struggling to work out how to quit or have just cancelled their DDs. JD are doing nothing to "correct" them if this is incorrect.
  9. mines the same, they are refusing to acknowledge my change of address. I am currently paying £30 for 3 months to have my mail redirected but it is literally just so that I don't end up with a shower of debt collectors letters from Harlands and court action letters without my knowledge.
  10. well I sent the letter on 2nd July 2015 and retained proof of postage. I also included in the header my new address as I figured they may take a while to respond and I was due to move so included both my new address and former address and stipulated such in the letter. Today I received a redirected mail (clearly ignored letter and change of address- glad I paid the £30 to royal mail) and the letter reads as follows: re: your membership to JD sports gym We are disappointed that you have not responded to our previous correspondence. The July instalment has now been missed, resulting in a further administration fee of £15.00 being added. The total amount now to bring your account up to date is £67.98. Please call the HARLANDS HELPLINE- 01444 449162 to make payment by DEBIT/CREDIT card and reinstate your direct debit instruction. If you wish to pay by any other method you must still phone us to discuss your options. The telephone lines are open 9:00am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. If you do not call us by 30th July 2015 then the collection of your membership fees will cease to be administered by Harlands and will be passed to a Debt Recovery company. This may incur you significant additional fees and ultimately result in court action. Yours Sincerely Harlands They are clearly refusing to acknowledge my wish to cancel stated on 12th May, still for myself and my mothers accounts. Also refusing to acknowledge my change of address, all emails sent and the letter itself as later on they state "if you wish to cancel your membership without incurring extra any further costs, then you simply have to agree payment of the current outstanding amount plus the one month cancellation fee". this is then broken down to now come to £86.97. I have emailed them highlighting again my change of address and copied the letter that I posted on 2nd July and stated that I am yet to receive any replies to any of the latter emails sent. Think they're prepared to ruin my credit rating first and foremost which will really be helpful in two years when it comes to renewing my mortgage. They have also done the same to my brother who I wasn't aware had joined the gym ages ago, asked the staff how to quit and they said "cancel your direct debit, that's all" and 8 months later he's been hit with letters. Another gym in the city is managed by Harlands and my friends husband has just been told the same; "just cancel your direct debit". Furious isn't the word.
  11. so far I've emailed c.service@harlandsgroup.co.uk on 12th May, then had responses from MRPcustomerservice (at c.service@harlandsgroup.co.uk) and now this one. I have also had an email from the gym today asking if I want to join? errrr...... think I'll pass.
  12. good question slick. this is the first time they've been mentioned so your guess is as good as mine. I'm assuming from viewing other posts on these forums, and by the contact details in the email that Harlands are inventing another guise for themselves. But the email address it was sent from wasn't the Harlands one I emailed it was c.service.ics@harlandsgroup.co.uk
  13. totally agree. I had the same letter but for JD gyms. After visiting the gym in person, calling and via their facebook page they all assure me that I need to contact Harlands to give them 14 days notice of cancellation. Harlands are telling me 30 days and it has to be through the gym. Total [problem].
  14. looks like I'll have all this to come and my mother. good luck federalez! sure makes for interesting reading, can't believe how long this has taken you and how much it must have cost them. utterly ridiculous, wonder how they're still in business wasting money like this.
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