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  1. 1. A travel card style oyster doesn't need to be tapped on and off to deduct the journey but merely a key to open the barriers which should be on all stations in my opinion! Now IF you have registered the card and top it up / purchase a weekly then you can be fined directly onto it which would have been evident when you went to top up by showing a debit of £40. If that's not the case and you don't have the infamous penalty fare (as a receipt) you got off with a confusing chiding.. Hope that helps
  2. Sorry mate just replied to the other thread. Short answer is no! The staff on DLR hand in the carbon copies of the penalty fare only. They are given discretion over education / eviction or issuing a penalty fare. I asked the same questions to establish if I had time to write out the fare before you alighted when I deemed it warranted a ticket. The new reader is for the contactless cards and CAN fine you on the spot if you haven't tapped in. the deduction is immediate but they should inform you as everyone is extremely polite, apologetic and non confrontational.... Pressure is app
  3. Rogerpoger short answer no! The DLR collect the carbon copies of the penalty fare and they alone are passed on. The PSA has discretion over educating / penalty or eviction from the train.
  4. Very true and the union will act if I begin proceedings. I'm all for helping but to the extent I have no idea of days off??? I'm wondering if it's discrimination or breach of implied conditions???
  5. The job is in transport (don't want to say whom). Each person has an individual start time depending on the arrival of their allocated vehicle minus sign on time etc. The company are trying to build a buffer for changes and cover which I can understand but their proposal stinks for the reasons already stated. I've spoken to lower management, but as usual they claim to be only the under instructions from higher up. T's & C's don't cover it but the system has been in place for some twenty years. Each team gets their shift pattern for the year, showing their days off and early/middle or late
  6. Hi, it sounds like there could be a language issue here?? If the staff member did not issue you a penalty fare notice which you would have had to provide details for and sign, you do not have any worries! The DLR is a strange system with both train captains and revenue staff about. The latter have more time to stay with you and issue the fare notice while the first has to operate the train. I hope the captain told you to tap on or "scan in" as you called it tomorrow as a gentle warning as if they catch you again with out a valid oyster you will get a penalty fare. Source- I'm a train capta
  7. Hi all, I have worked for over three years for the same company, with a TUPE at the end of last year. the new company are not instlling confidence in the staff up to having to highlight the basic legal rights for self certification of sick leave!! anyway... my original position has always been given an overview of the shift patterns for the year, allowing us to organise our personal life around work etc. but i have been on a secondment for over a year with another department and about to return end of the month. but, i am now expected to receive a roster on a weekly basis so can no longer
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