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  1. Update: My claim has been agreed in excess of £10,000 and an additional disturbance allowance (and refund of the RICS survey I paid for) puts the total claim in excess of £11,500. My Loss Adjuster is so appalled at the actions of BVS they are considering taking the case to the FCA. Apparently, they have other cases where BVS have caused claimants considerable distress. Let's hope this bunch of clowns get their just desserts!
  2. Hi ub67 If I thought I could spare someone else the aggravation I've had during this process by contacting the FCA, I would willingly do so. In my professional life I have experience of the FCA and, unfortunately, I very much doubt they would add any value on this one. What I will likely do once the claim is settled is draw my experience to Esure's CEO, with the suggestion that I may seek media coverage of my claim. I have a feeling this would likely resonate and possibly get them to review their relationships with companies like BVS.
  3. Don't thinks so citizenB. My understanding is that a subject access request relates to personal data held by an organisation on an individual (Data Protection Act 1998 I think?) But, I don't feel it's right that they can hide their sums behind something as convenient as "commercially sensitive data". I wonder what the FOS would say in the event of a claim?
  4. Thanks citizenb, and well done gregs07. When I got the scope of works from BVS, the breakdown of items weren't costed. I asked BVS why this was so, to which they replied that the pricings were "commercially sensitive". Subsequently, I formally complained to Esure, demanding that I get a breakdown so that I could see how this figure had been calculated. Again, I met the same brick-wall answer. That's when I'd had enough and decided to appoint my loss adjustor and have the RICS survey completed. Their so called "commercially sensitive" rates must be miles off actual replacement costs.
  5. How many claimants accept the rubbish spewed out by BVS I wonder? I view my experience as a cynical and calculated attempt to rip me off. Did you get satisfaction with your claim?
  6. Just over two months ago my wife and I got back from holiday to discover our kitchen was flooded as the result of a burst pipe situated behind the plasterboard located in the area of the sink unit. I notified the insurer, Esure, who promptly sent out a company called Building Validation Solutions (BVS) to assess my claim. The guy from BVS acknowledged the claim and agreed we were entitled to a settlement. During the site visit I was told that he would draw up a scope of works and then authorise a cheque by way of settlement, and that he'd phone through the amount of the payment that eveni
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