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  1. Hi Jow, Thanks for the reply. Confused as to how they are trying to get in contact, as they have both my mobile and email and I don't have any missed calls or anything? Maybe they could try ringing my mobile again, which they have on file Thanks
  2. Help!! Anyone had any similar dealings? I'll be honest in saying that I am at my wits end and had to cancel my insurance on the 16.06.15, previous to this, I've been with Smart-miles for over two years and I was starting my third year with yourselves. Now I didn't have any issues or problems with yourselves, in fact you were great, that it until I changed something to my circumstances on-line. Due to my job role I changed my insurance to include business, I was aware that this would up my premium and I wasn't bothered about paying that, but when unfortunately my circumstances c
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