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  1. Also I had ppi on This loan as well but I have already claim that back that shouldn't affect this should it
  2. I've got all paper work so will a ppi reclaim company take this on or is it something I do myself
  3. Yes got loads of paperwork I've just rang them and ask for the insurance docs and they cannot provide as its a block policy with loads of other customers names on I said for you to provide that service to me then you must of rang your insurance and added me and paid a fee there for there's paper work she couldn't answer and said she would have to ring me back when the manger is free to see what they can send she also said they hadn't provided a service it was part of my agreement
  4. I've always had building insurance but they wasn't happy with that as it does not state there interest on there as a second party
  5. On a secure loan they force building insurance on you saying there interest needs to be noted on the policy
  6. Hi all new on here Been looking at some posts on these parasites and cannot see any where people have got anywhere with them question 1 has anyone ever got them to drop their insurance fees if so how? Question two is it worth me saying to them take me to court cause I'm not willing to pay the insurance charges to see if there bluffing now the facts I paid my contractual payments and now they want £4500 still for insurance charges I had a secure loan over 5 years for 7,000 I've paid £11000 back or just over
  7. So if they do produce a copy of insurance then what ?and If they can't then what ? I really appreciate your time by the way
  8. I went to loan makers for the loan and I got passed to these but they are no longer trading
  9. Yes I had buildings and contents insurance but not with there name on it as I wouldn't do it cause they already has it secured on my house and although this was in the small print it was not mentioned to me until the loan had well started
  10. There insurance [problem] I've paid my contractual payments but they still want 4.5k more for there buildings insurance I did contact Ombusmen but I was out of time for the complaint but they tried anyway and have now found no wrong doings and closed it
  11. hi I've just put a post up about my problem with them can you see it
  12. How can I stop these people they say I owe 4-5k for there insurance while I had a loan I've paid my contractual payments I complained to the Ombusmen but it was over a certain time but they tried anyway now they have closed the case so they must side with blemain so now I'm stuck
  13. I have a problem with blemain new on here and cannot see how to start a post struggling can anyone help
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