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  1. HI guys I have recieved an email from the fos adjudicator and they have told me that Monument has not done anything wrong by offsetting my debt even though they it is not owned by them? this is new for me as i have read in the forums they cannot do it but the fos agrees they can, can anyone help as i have to prepare and fight for this one, the letter that i have received from fos the text is below ""your complaint about R. Raphael & Sons Plc (trading as Monument) Thank you for waiting while I’ve been looking into your complaint. I’ve now looked at all the
  2. Hi Dx sorry been away, yes i shall call fos and ask them, Monument address is below woody. Monument Customer Services 51 Saffron Road Leicester LE18 4US
  3. Hi I have recived £400 out of 2.6k, when i called Monument they told me that according to terms and conditions they are setting off the balance to the DCA. I have read the thread by nutter192 and written a letter to them and yet to receive a response from them, also asked for the written confirmation about the setting off the debt to Arrow Global. Even though FOS says they cannot offset to a different company but Monument insists they can, i am thinking of putting in a claim to get the balance, i shall be sending in LBA's soon. Any advice on this matter is much appreci
  4. Sorry i am having problems with the attachment uploading, it basically says that the debt was sold to Arrow Global in Dec 2014, so what should i do now?
  5. Hi Dx I have proof that is attached stating that they do not own the debt, please see the attachment and advise.[ATTACH=CONFIG]65619[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]65619[/ATTACH] Sorry i am having problems with the attachment uploading, it says that the debt was sold to Arrow Global in Dec 2014, so what should i do now?
  6. Hi Dx The debt is statue barred, can they still use it to offset my debt?
  7. Hi Dx They say they will adjust this against the debt, i want to know if they are allowed to do it?, am i able to claim all the monies(PPI) from them, do i have to complain thru FOS? want to know how to proceed from here?
  8. HI I applied for the PPI from Monument and i had an outstanding debt which was very old, they sent out an letter to claim PPI and i have applied online. Now i have received an response from the they will be adjusting the money towards my debt, I have attached a copy from them, can you please guide and advise what would be the next best step to get the Ppi PDF uploaded monument reply.pdf
  9. I have had the statements from barclays & capital one so far, also how do i proceed to force vanquis to provide me the Agreement and Terms & conditions as they have not provided them, they want a £1 statutory fee, any template here for me to write to them?
  10. yes the case is still sisted, heard nothing from the court, no paperwork coming thru as aked in the court, so just hanging in there.
  11. Hi All, As advised i have done SAR for Vanquis, the paperwork they have sent me is attached, the only thing they have sent me is list of transactions and nothing else. They say for the credit card agreement, they cannot supply it as i will have to do a CCA request and pay the £1 fees. Copies of assignment, default notice and enforcement notice, they say that they have sold this account to Cabot Financial and they have not provided the same notices. The PPI, Vanquis call it ROP(repayment option plan), i have read it in other threads that it still can be claimed, i have ca
  12. Dx out of curiosity, what happens to the documents they have agreed to provide in front of the court like other notices and agreements, PPI, when our case comes for a hearing when they have not provided them? what do you think the judge will view it as?
  13. Hey i am in the same boat, i took out my card in jan 11 and my case was stayed, for the documents side they sent me the 02/10 T&C's, these are predated at least 13 months before i took out the card, you can read all about it here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?447938-Cabot-Optima-Scottish-Small-Claims-Summons-Form-1a-2011-Vanquis-Card-debt/page2 I believe we have to write to them spotting the differences in the application and T&C's, as in mine there are two mistakes in the application, specifically the T&C's and my income, as for the T&C's
  14. Also one point that i have noticed in the application form that they have send, my income is very high in their form, i have never earned that much money, can i challenge it(i believe by showing my P60), it shows £38000, where as my income was around 18k at that time???? Please advise
  15. My mate has the T&C's dated as 12/2010, not like the one they have sent me and we can see some of the terms removed or changed. As i do not know what APR my Credit card was i cannot tell if the interest rate is mentioned in the T&C's they have sent me. Can you please shed some more light on the application, as you say it might not be right? can you tell me about the deed of assignment, do they have send me the documents that i requested through court or not?
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