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  1. Hi,getting really stressed. MP forwarded me reply he got from council basically saying that as I ignored their request for payments and the debts go back to 09 the amount I'm offering is not acceptable and WC is looking into getting Order for Sale or they could make me bankrupt, but I could still lose house. Still got meeting at council to go to but don't know what more to say to them when I get there as it doesn't look like they're interested in what I'm saying.Really need some help as to what to do next
  2. Ok email to local MP now sent, what should I do about WC in the meantime, also got meeting at council next week do I mention email to CEO
  3. Managed to send an email to Ceo at council and local mp, what do I do in the meantime about WC. Can they apply to force the sale
  4. Ok will try to find out who he is and email contact details. Got mortgage arrears of £9K but got arrangement in place additional £150 + monthly payment. All other debts are down to the bear minimum. budget attached
  5. The council emails go via capita so maybe don't know. I've sent copies of the letter/emails I've sent to WC to the council and have got no reply from them apart from yesterday when they told me to re-negotiate with WC. I can find out my local MP and councillor is and email them. The council has a final charging order doesn't that mean they can force me to sell. Also the lady at the council gave me a breakdown and its only £7K WC are telling me £11K and I don't know what the extra £4K refers to. I just want to make an affordable arrangeme
  6. That's what I thought about with regards to trying to get an arrangement in place. I know its a large sum £7K which is what the council has confirmed to me, WC are saying over £11k. Just want to get something in place without having to sale
  7. I think they already have. Got a letter from Wilkin Chapman saying application for charging order with sealed copy of the interim charging order, a hearing on 7 April to get judge to grant final charging order. Got another letter on 24th April saying final charging order granted by a court in Kings Lynn ( we live in Bexleyheath so couldn't go to court). They also listed the final charging orders as follows: 17/8/10, 21/6/11, 13/10/13 and 7/4/15 with a total amount of £11,230.15 including interest to date. WC first wrote to us in January asking
  8. Hi,Thank you I would like to send some attatchments to you how do I do thatThanks
  9. Wondering if anyone can help us. We've got ourselves into a real mess with our council tax, currently owe £7,200 from 2008 to 2014. We are paying the current year's bill but have had liability order/charging orders for the outstanding amount. Back in January we received a letter from the council’s lawyers saying that they would apply to have our home repossessed unless we paid £300 pm for six month and then significantly increase the amount after that. We wrote back saying we couldn’t afford that much but could do £100.00 and review in 6month, but they came back
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