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  1. Cheers Marcus. If anyone has made a successful claim I would be interested to hear about it.
  2. Hi Jason, For the period between 2nd September 2013 and 27th April 2015 are you able to provide a breakdown for what proportion of the cost is attributed to the 5 star service package, and the methodology used to get to these numbers. Furthermore, the existing 5 star service covers "unlimited repairs" - is this not just the same as OSC? Cheers
  3. Hi, I was just wondering, is there anyone out there who has successfully managed to claim back OSC or DLC, and was this after BH agreed to it or did you have to go through the FOS? Also, just wanted to understand something correctly, am I right in thinking that: 1) Before 2nd September 2013, OSC/DLC was "optional" (I understand many of you may have been mis-sold this) 2) Between 2nd September 2013 and 27th April 2015 OSC and DLC were made compulsory as part of HP contracts 3) After 27th April 2015 OSC and DLC are optional again, but they bundle in some form of repairs etc in the 5* service. Thanks for the help!
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