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  1. Ok.....I'll hold on and see if anyone else knows any more or even if they've been in the same situation themselves, thanks for the info
  2. Thank you very much for the helpful reply, I think I'll take a but of both advice and make a final call to ebay and try to get the transcript for the call and then just ignore the letters, at least that way if they do take me to court I've got proof of the initial phone call, I feel so let down by ebay because their fees are huge and I've had my account 10 years so they've made a lot from me and their service is just so appalling, even paypal said they are awful to deal with !!! Thanks again for the help
  3. Yeah paypal themselves said to come here or try to get ebay to escalate it higher but said that's not going to be easy they said. If it went to court and I lose then I'd just have to pay monthly as I don't have that sort of money, what worries me if it did go to court is that they may say that I am liable for the debt to paypal and that my argument is with ebay and unrelated to paypal claim, I'm just stuck at what to do for the best. I had it happen about 7 years ago where I posted to a unconfirmed address and I lost the case, I tried to report it to police and fraud etc etc but got no where, they never trace them. That's why I rung ebay before doing anything this time and was assured I was safe for collection and to take reference of the call and they can check back if I'm at all worried.
  4. Hi. I hope I've put this in the right section and sorry for the long detail I'll try keep it short. Sold a phone on ebay for £500, seller paid immediately through paypal but seemed dodgy and requested collection, I rung ebay and asked if it's ok for them to collect, the man 100% assured me over and over its fine and i'm covered by seller protection, (I have reference number to call) so buyer collected I had my money everything was fine..... then I get a chargeback through paypal, I explain to them the situation, they say themselves it's obviously a s cam and they will fight it against the card company. .... the card company goes in the buyers favour so paypal are now chasing me for 500, just received a debt collection letter for it rung paypal and they completely agree that the info ebay has given me is wrong and that they have cost me this debt, but can't do anymore to help, when I speak to ebay they say it's paypal that offer the protection.. ..but they are still currently the same company and it's impossible to get any help from either side. Really don't know what to do, I know it's ebay that's messed up but they don't have any useful numbers or anyway I can get my issue escalated to someone that can actually listen to the call and deal with it. Paypal advised me to post on here for help. I'm considering letting them take me to court as at least in a courtroom I can explain it to someone. Sorry to go on, there's a lot more finer details but I think I've got the essential information across. Thanks to anyone who can help me
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