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  1. Hi I am just about to help my mum get her Capital One charges back. There are £100.00 worth of charges on her statements made up of 5 x £20.00 late payment fee. Do I just send a prelim asking for the £100.00 and add interest later? Thanks Kim
  2. Hello. Can anyone help me please? For unavoidable reasons I have had to take a break away from reclaiming my bank charges and wondered how to come back to it. I am pursuing three acoounts. 1. My YB Credit Card - I have had all my statements back and got to the LBA stage and got no reply. I then took no further action after the 7 days. 2. My YB bank account - had statements up to 6 years and was about to send a letter asking for further back. I havent done anything else with this yet. 3. My other half's Halifax Bank account - they sent him a list of dates, each with a sum of money printed next to it (no explanation of what the charge was) and a letter saying they have decided not to charge the fee. Does anyone know if I can go back to these accounts after leaving it so long and what are people's thoughts on getting someone else to pursue these for me for a fee? I do not feel I can cope doing it myself as it is getting put on the back burner when other stuff gets in the way. I have also not visited the site for awhile and have just read about the test case (briefly). How will this affect in easy-to-understand terms? Thanks
  3. Just wanted to send my best wishes for the next few days. I keep reading your thread and am excited to hear the outcome. Kimbers
  4. I am hoping I learn lots as the credit card is only a small amount and the bank account goes back 16 years so will be more complex I imagine. Still unsure of what to do next with the bank accounts as they have not sent my statements despite the LBA. I will go get 'em as soon as I am sure how. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Just to update and ask some advice really..... When I started trying to reclaim my charges I went after the YB bank account and the YB credit card separately. The bank has responded separately and I am at two different stages with my claims. The YB credit card sent statements straight away and I got to LBA stage then realised I hadnt sent Prelim request for repayment, so have sent that now and am waiting. The YB bank account has and still is stalling with my statements, despite sending the LBA for failing to comply with the SAR I sent on 15th April. Am I ok to carry on pursuing these separately? Will it cause me problems? The YB bank account have sent a response to my LBA saying I will have my statements by mid-June. What do I send next as i know I don't have to wait for them but have got confused. Thanks
  6. Hi Seeking I had the same letter just the other day. Like sajabu says, others need to know where you are up to so far. They send out letters like this as delay/scare tactics I think. Let the more experienced members know where you are up to. I have found everyone on here really helpful.
  7. I have just read in it's entirity your thread and want to wish you all the best for the 7th June. You seem to have worked flat out on this and I will hopefully be following in your footsteps. I too hadn't realised how long a process it was, but seeing your thread and all the support you guys give each other is reassuring. I will update my thread as soon as I hear. One more question if I may though. When I started all of this I went for my credit card and bank account seperately which I now realise I could have done at once (both YB) But, the credit card statements came through seperate so I have continued separately as the bank statements have still not appeared. Will this be ok? Thanks
  8. I have printed off the prelim letter and schedule of charges ready to mail later today. Thanks you so much. Are you going after the YB too? How's it going?
  9. Shall I just send the prelim letter as though this never happened then? I really appreciate your advice. I cannot believe I made this mistake. I spent so much time reading and think I have clicked on the wrong template, assumed it was the prelim and sent it. I dont mind the hold up so long as I get it right. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the reply. The problem lies in having read and read and understood, but by a silly error on my part sending the LBA instead of the prelim. Do you know either what to do now or who can help me please, seeing as the bank have replied saying they will not refund me, which I thought was just a delay tactic on their part.? Thanks again.
  11. Here's what I did so far: 1. Sent SAR request for credit card 2. Received statements 3. Sent LBA and schedule (then realised I should have sent Prelim letter asking for repayment) Does this matter??? 4. Got reply stating Terms and Conditions and that they have considered my request and cannot refund the charges on this occasion.) I know this is them trying it on. 5. Do I now progress to Moneyclaim and start court action? I know it is bad form on here to ask obvious questions, but I just do not have the confidence to go any further without someone clarifying the above. ) Please help Thanks Kimbers
  12. Well I think I have made a cock up. I am not sure if I sent the Preliminary letter after receiving my statements or went straight to the LBA. Can someone advise me what to do in this situation as I have received a letter today saying thanks you, please be patient and they will be in touch (even though it's now 14 days since the last letter) I know they try it on but am worried that due to me possibly sending the wrong letter and the fact that I missed off the a/c no. for one of the two cards with them on the 2nd letter and list of charges, I have messed up. I apologise for wasting time here, but I have read and read and DO understand, I can't believe I may have done this. Thanks
  13. Hi I have looked all around on the site to no avail and was wondering how to claim back charges for old accounts. I/my family have closed accounts which we have no info about but were charged unfairly on. Also, on a couple of them, because I moved around address a lot in a short time I dont even know where I lived (it's years ago.) Can I still pursue these accounts? Thanks Kimbers
  14. Thanks Shumba. I have read and read and read, but I think I have injested too much info in one sitting as I was doubting my own thoughts. When you say dont forget to remove the interest column from your prelim do you mean the line that mentions "plus £XXX which you have charged me in interest for the sums which you have taken" ? Thanks
  15. Hi Shumba Think we are up to the same stage again. I have wrote my prelim but am stuck. I didnt think we added interest at this point. Am I mistaken? And, is a schedule just a list of the dates and charges you want back? Thanks Kimbers
  16. Thanks for your reply. I know about claiming past 6 years and have used the template from this site, I just don't know when I had the C Card from as they have sent me from Aug 2002 and I want to make sure I didnt have it before then. As it's a closed account now they wont tell me over the phone the account opening date.
  17. I am about to send my prelim letter to YB Visa Is a schedule of charges (which I read I must include), just a list of the charges and dates I am asking them to repay? Thanks, i have been looking around on here but cant find that info.
  18. Hi all, Had this letter from the bank today, and they included statements for my credit card from 2002 to present. "Your statements have been requested from 2 different areas of the bank. 1 of these sets contains statements from July 2005 to the present and the other set contains statements from prior to July 2005. If you have only received one of these sets, the remaining one will follow shortly. If you require any additional information please contact your branch. Advice Quality Unit - Charges Section." What I need to know now is, am I right in thinking I can claim back all of the charges going back to when the accounts were open? And if so, is there a template or has anyone written back to them to ask for statements going back further than this?
  19. Hi Shumba It's good to know someone will be with me along the way. I am claiming against YB bank account and YB Credit Card and my other half's Halifax bank account. To be truthful I am finding it quite daunting, there is so much to read and I keep getting sidetracked as everything is so fascinating. I am sure it will fall into place though, especially as there is so much help around. I am hoping to go back more than 6 years with my account - need to read up a lot more though. Nice to hear from you anyway, and good luck.
  20. Hi to everyone - I am new here. I have received my first correspondance from the Yorkshire Bank confirming receipt of the £10 fee. They state that they have 40 days from the date the fee was paid and will forward the information they hold in due course. They are saying that if I have requested any information relating to manual intervention they are not obliged to supply it as the Data Protection Act does not mention it. I am unsure of what this means exactly, but fell sure they are trying to wriggle out of something.
  21. I am unsure of how much they owe me in charges but its going to be hundreds I guess over the six years. Overdraft is only £500.00 but at present I use it quite often. I really would hate to lose my cheque book as it is the only thing that helps me be good with money (i used to be switch happy!) Have this morning sent for my Experian report, and hope I can clear some old stuff up and get my credit looking better.
  22. Hi Scotty I too have an overdraft which I use and quite often go to the limit. I am right at the beginning of my journey to get my charges back and before I start need to establish what they can do to me as I may have to wait if they will close my account. I have read around the FAQs on here and tried hard to find advice on this specific part but like you could not. I wondered if you had found anything since this post. Thanks
  23. Hi all, I am new here and so excited about getting the YB back for years of rubbish I have taken from them. I think I have read most of the general info reccommended on joining this site but still have a few questions. I hope noone minds or I am repeating another thread. I have a Cheque/Maestro ac with the YB and an overdraft facility. I have banked with them for over 10 years and despite running the account badly at times I have managed to hang on to my cheque book, card and o/draft. I realise if I pursue a claim for charges they may close my account and I am worried that if they do I wont get a similar account elsewhere due to a rubbish credit score. Has anyone any experience of this as any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  24. Thanks but I think I have hit a problem already. I cannot be in a position where my bank closes my account and it looks as though they will in retaliation as I have had a little bit of poor conduct in the recent past and also, due to a not so great credit rating I would not get a cheque and maestro account with overdraft with anew bank. So it looks like I will have to get myself straight first. Still, at least I know where to start now and my partner is going ahead.
  25. Hi all I am new here and hoping to claim back charges for myself (Yorkshire bank ac and credit card) and my other half (Halifax and Capital One). Thought I would say hi as I am sure I will be needing some help at some point. My first impression of the site is that it is well organised and informative. Lets hope it proves as helpful to me as it seems to ahve done for so many others. Kimbers
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