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  1. So basically I live in a shared house. We received a letter to say that the landlord wanted to complete an inspection (we had one of these around a month ago - where they were incredibly rude, shouting at bin bags etc.). I politely rang up the letting agency to inform them that this day was not suitable for us (we were in the middle of packing to move out). They said they would inform the landlord and arrange for another day. Anyway yesterday they came in anyway. Only my flatmate was in bed as we were all out. They let themselves in, walked around and woke up my flatmate and started shouting at him for small bits of mess. I rang up the letting agency and they said they had tried to contact us, but could not get hold of us to tell us that they were coming anyway as 'they were only checking meters'. I said I had made it very clear I didn't want them coming round (I like to be in the house when they visit - I personally don't like landlord being around my things without me being there). I am extremely annoyed by this, the letting agency are nothing but trouble - have not helped us in any way this year and been an absolute nuisance. What would you advise to do? Am i within my right to cancel the rest of the tenancy and move to my new house (im currently in a cross over period). This would save me rent. Thanks for any help.
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