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  1. Good point Re NMW.Is that per month though or considered over the year? Because based on a 37.5 hour week they have to pay me 975 ish is that right? So they can only take me down to that after the deduction? If I've been earning roughly 1250 after my 490 train fair loan for the last 9 months so I'm not sure how the minimum wage works in that instance?
  2. Thanks for the response I've never received an employee handbook. Come to think of it, since I started I've never signed or been supplied a revised contract, despite me having apparently been promoted and having two or three pay rises. There was no official application process, just a request through emails: It was mentioned verbally, and then followed up with email correspondence with the company accountant and company secretary. This email correspondence highlighted only that it would be paid back over 12 months.The most formal bit was an email from the accountant to the secretary saying "I have spoken to *me* and agreed that I will add the amount on to his season ticket loan and he will replay the full amount on a monthly basis over twelve months. I hope this is okay with you, *Me* seems to be happy with it" I suppose my question is, do I have a legal leg to stand on in saying its unreasonable for the company to take away my entire salary for the month (and more!) when I've offered a (subjectively) reasonable three month solution? I don't know what to do here because I need at least some salary to survive until my next paycheck...
  3. The issue isn't the pension contribution. Even if I waive that they'll be deducting MY ENTIRE SALARY for the month. In other words, I get NO salary for the month. Which means I will have NO money for two months. Not a penny; simply because they're demanding I repay the entire thing in one hit out of my salary - which is my entire salary for the month PLUS a pension contribution.
  4. Hi there, I hope this is a good place to put this question. Long and short of it: I was offered a season ticket loan which has been paid out of my salary each month. I am now leaving my employment on (until now) good terms. There's approx. 3 month left on my season ticket loan. I have asked to pay the remainder back via standing order over the remaining 3 months to make it manageable. I asked on the 8th June. I received a response on the 22nd saying the following (I've 'anonymised' the email, and rounded the monetary figures to the nearest £5 for anonymity as well.): Some other factors: 1) I never signed any documentation regarding the above loan 2) This will leave me without salary for 2 months 3) I've considered the option of getting a refund on my season ticket from the train company and use that money to pay my employer back. However - because of how the train company sorts discounts I wouldn't be refunded the full amount, so would be out of pocket by at least a few hundred and, more importantly: I know from my partner getting a refund recently, the train company can take as long as six weeks to sort out the money back. As such, not only would I be without a train ticket for a month and have to find MORE money for travel to London, I'd still have no salary for living/bills etc. So that's not really an option. If they deduct my salary in the above mentioned way, it will leave me in a situation of substantial hardship. Am I able to do anything? I'd be very grateful for any help!
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