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  1. Right well the guy on the phone seemed to think that I could request CCTV for where the speakers were kept, or maybe he was just saying this so I would spend more money requesting this. Looks like I'm just going to have to pay for getting my speakers fixed myself. I'm going to write to them anyway asking why they aren't going to investigate this in any manner.
  2. I put some £200 Alesis speakers into cash converters in Beeston Leeds last month. The speakers were obviously working perfectly when I put them in, as they get tested every time. When I got home with them I noticed that the volume was half way up, which was far far too high, I didn't think much of it, I turned the speaker down before plugging them in and playing something through them, at which point I noticed the left passive speaker was completely gone. I took the speakers straight back down there expecting the worst and they said they will test them, at this point it was sai
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