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  1. Hello I dont know if you can help me or if im in the right forum section. Basically , in 1994 my hubby (boyfriend then) missed a 5 months of mortage payments, in the september he got a letter from the halifax telling him to move out in october.He had friends and family living there that had their own possessions and as to not risk having them taken from possible balliffs the house was vacated by the date shown on the letter. The house was left empty for a long time,was eventually sold . we carried on with our lives and in 1998 we got married had a baby and got a council house, He then started getting letters saying that he owed halifax money, this went on for a while he would get letters saying he would have to goto court if such and such wasnt paid we paid them every now and then - think it went to a debt collecting service too. in 2001 he was laid off and was out off work for 5 years, in that time we moved to a bigger council due to baby number 2 in early 2001, we was contacted at our new address by them and arranged to pay them 5.00 pound per month, we had a lot of debt due to the lay off and was doing the same with other credit cards. in 2006 hubby got a job and soon after a letter arrived threatening with the balliffs from the repossession guys, we got real worried as the kids had lots of tech toys and gaming console from pressies, that we contacted a debt collection company and started a debt managment scheme in 2008 we started an IVA which we added the halifax repossession to which ended in 2013. We are now debt free, Any way my hubby said he didnt have tax relief on the mortage repayments and my dad is saying that it was an unfair repossession because he only received 1 letter. The house was purchased in 1987 payments roughly 300 per month. Is this something we can look into . Thanks for looking , sorry if in wrong section
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