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  1. Hi Paul, Not the same company but I imagine it's quite common for shoddy removal companies to play the same game in the hope of scaring off people. You've only got to read some of the horror stories on removalreviews.co.uk to see the problems people face. Congratulations to you though! Best Regards Brottare
  2. I've not heard anything from the removalist for a while and, to be honest, I'd just rather forget about the whole thing. Feel free to name the company (maybe send a PM, I couldn't send one as I don't have enough posts) and I can confirm.
  3. Thanks all, especially BankFodder. The emails were pasted from a Hotmail account to a word document so the formatting gets a bit messy. I won't forward the separate emails as you've pretty much summed up everything there. I haven't replied to his last 2 emails and wasn't planning to without advice and only if he continues sending me emails. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks BankFodder and definitely appreciate your frank reply! There is no letter to me just emails sent to me which I have placed in a document and forwarded. I have all the photographic evidence to support the damage claims and all the emails are stored and phone records demonstrating the delays I incurred. A couple of the men certainly looked like teenagers. The insurance claim was finally paid so the claim was deemed valid by an insurance company so I believe I have all the necessary evidence to support my review.
  5. Thanks BankFodder - tried to send a PM but it says your mailbox is full. I'd rather not share the review now before the 7 days is up. The part of the review referring to defamation, according to the removalist's representative, is that I said that some of the removalists were teenagers. I will certainly take your advice and take screenshots now as I consider some of the reviews to be far harsher than mine.
  6. Hi, I hope you can help me. I posted a negative review on a website of a removal company. That company is now threatening me with defamation and false accusations unless I remove the review. I instructed the website to do this via email (I have no other means of contact) and copied in the removal company contact. It states, however, on the website that it can take up to 7 business days to remove the review and, after 6 business days, the review is still there. Note I am not able to remove or edit the review myself. I explained to the removal company that I cannot remove the review and t
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