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  1. slighlty funny colour and bad smell the packaging had no holes in it and also this is still recorded in the log book doesnt that prove anything?
  2. Hi, I bought a lamb leg of ASDA a few months ago and after my wife cooked it I went to carve it and found out the meat was bad the product was in date so I took it to the adsa I purchased it from they said they will send it to asda house for investigation and I will get feedback I filled out my personal details in the logging book after 5 weeks I didn't hear anything so I called asda house and found out it was not sent in for investigation. this concerned me as it looks like they hiding something my kids could of eaten this they told me to contact asda store where I took it too I did that but no answer called asda house they told me I will get a call back this has been on going for 3 months now now they just offered me a tenner I feel they just want to hide the fact that they messed up I refused as this could of harmed my kids/family and how they going to fix there errors by just saying heres a tenner? so now I want to get legal advise and not sure how to proceed so if anyone can help it would be appreciated.
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