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  1. Ok maybe got wording wrong. The court sent a letter saying that Cabot where taking me to court and asking if I wanted to defend, etc just before Xmas . I had to log on to the courts site and state how I wanted to respond. After doing some internet searches I found out I had to apply for more information or sar and credit agreement this was jan 15th. Now today they have sent me the credit agreement and an account statement with an enclosed letter say : Please find enclosed all of the relevant information following your request for information under section 77-78 of
  2. Back in dec 2014 I received a court summons from Cabot financial saying they where going to take me to court for a debt that I don't remember. I replied to them after getting some information asking for a statement of account and sar. I filled out the court letter saying I was going to defend as was going some reading off your site. After slmost 6 months they have sent me a letter with a credit agreement with no signature but I'm understanding this would not be needed as it was prob done online. And a statement where a last payment was made in 30/05/2010 They also envlo
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