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  1. Hi guys! So Ive been waiting till I could make a once-and-for-all final update and here it is: The tariff issue has been resolved and my defective handset has been received by Voda. So that ties up all the loose ends and marks the end of this issue at last. Huge thanks to this forum for all your support and guidance, I would probably still be stuck at square one otherwise. Take care and kind regards
  2. Hey all =) Quick update as its been a while and I was holding off for the final issue to be resolved before posting a final update on the situation: Basically, following my SIM issue, I just whacked my old SIM into the new handset and voila! I now have the working awesome amazing BB classic Ive been battling for all these months. HOWEVER- there is now one remaining issue - which Im surprised (tho I really shouldnt be) is even an issue - the tariff cost for which I was offered a 40% discount. Lee appears to have confused the monthly cost for the Passport and the Classic, which i
  3. Its Blackberry Classic and that is a damn good suggestion. If nothing happens after Lee's intervention, I will do just that - thanks for the fab suggestion
  4. I tried the SIM in an iphone and it worked fine. I tried the iphone's SIM in this phone and it had the same problem. I cant try it on my older BB because it doesnt take nano SIM.
  5. Major update for you guys: I RECEIVED MY PHONE. Of course it couldnt go 100% as planned - DPD *did* totally screw up their timeslot and I was just heading out when the delivery guy strolled up to my place. But the phone has been received successfully so better late than never. However, as with the last new handset, this one's showing the same messages of 'SIM card rejected' and 'SIM not provisioned'. Last time I wasted my life with Voda's people on the phone/online/in store. This time, Ive passed it on to Lee to hopefully deal with. So we are now a step closer - here's hoping for thi
  6. Oh, clusterf*** is exactly right. This is the Blackberry Classic - I asked for it back in late April (!) instead of my original upgrade choice of BB Passport (total dud) - was assured it would be delivered pronto (lulz). So TODAY, I just got an email from Voda about some kind of 'order' - now I havent placed a single order with them lately so if this mail is to be taken seriously at all, this should be my handset that Lee's been trying to acquire for a while now. Of course, this presumes the email is worth actually considering and since Vodafone have lately taken to sending m
  7. Soooo..for anyone wondering, we are still in limbo with Lee 'checking stock' as of the past nearly 2 weeks now. I have said that should nothing be resolved by the end of this week, I will be escalating the matter. Aaand thats all for now.
  8. Lee, I've just replied to the latest mail - there's a problem with the site that I seem to encounter almost everytime I log in. Quick update for you all: as my replacement handset is out of stock at local stores, Ive been given a link to order it via the website. However as said above, the site's down for maintenance as of the past 5-6 hours straight. This is a given almost every time I log in so not entirely surprised. Hence the saga continues...
  9. Hi guys, Hope youre all well. I was holding off till the 25th since that was Lee's deadline to get back to me. He did respond (a sure first), saying my order was clear to go through and confirming the postal address but stating the wrong replacement handset - corrected him in my response. I wonder if there's an easier way to reply to these messages than to fill out a fresh form everytime? Whats the point of the reference number if each subsequent form issues you a different number, I wonder. Anyway, so far so bearable...will keep posted and thank you once again for the co
  10. Thanks, silverfox. Since Ive never done anything like this before, Im pretty ignorant of the protocol- how would I go about this paper trial? Ive had a response from Lee stating that there's an 'open order' ($"£$%*$"!) on my account which needs closing and that he will check back on the 25th. He also stated that my account had been credited duly although I cannot see this but will ask him about that next. Also, I can only view our correspondence in my email -any way to see it on the website or do you submit a new form (and new reference #) for each reply? And reading t
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, really appreciated. Silverfox Ive just followed that link and put the query through. My reference is #10667726 p3t3r, agreed, though I have a nasty feeling that even cancelling contracts with these mugs will turn into another mission impossible. Zero interest in interacting with any reps from this hideous company but if thats the best course of action at this point then so be it.
  12. Hi all So it comes as no surprise whatsoever that Vodafone is positively trending on these forums. So here I am to join the chorus: being a customer of 10+ years, I am pretty traumatised by the insanely inept customer services, whether in store, on the phone or live chat. April 10th: I ring in to arrange my upgrade - all goes apparently well and I sign up for two new handsets (both nano-sim) and told I could keep my old numbers on both. Since then, one of these handsets has continued to be absolutely unresponsive to its SIM despite trying new SIMs until I figured it was
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