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  1. hi, I am another victim of acenden , I took out a loan with them 10 yrs ago when they were called southern pacific, nothing but trouble , arrears charge £70,00 a pop, litigation £115 , interest on arrears, third party solicitor fees, if theres a charge they can levy on you they will, they are not sympathetic to self employed , over 10 years they have charged me £2069 , the arrears on my account is very close to this figure @ £2204, my account comes to an end in December, they say my total outstanding balance will be £3684, this is massively inflated due to there unfair charges, the way I see it , 3684 minus charges 2069 =1615, then minus the remaining payments I will be making from april this year till December this year, totalling 1120, brings what I owe down to a respectable £495, but of course they will not see it fairly like I do, so no doubt in December they will attempt to possess my house, unfair , this is realy not humane they have no morals, they have no compassion only greed, please help, hope this post adds to the the other victims of this firm, and together we have a louder voice, thanks, coinking.
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