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  1. Thanks for the advice so far folks, I have checked her credit record and Lowell indeed carried out a search as late as December 2014.
  2. dx100uk, I believe it was a doorstep loan as it was one that come to the door to collect payment.
  3. Obiter, My wife can remember speaking to provident about it when she initially had issues in repaying and that we were moving due to my health issues however she cannot recall if she provided the new address. I'm already stressing about this, its not that she does not agree that the monies are owed however the thing that is worrying is that we have never received any paperwork regarding the debt yet somehow Lowell/BC must have obtained this in order to get a CCJ. Thanks G__M
  4. citizenB, I have checked my wife's credit file and it is for a provident loan that she took out I started experiencing major health issues around the time we got married and subsequently was diagnosed with Epilepsy so my wife as well has working full time has had to also look after me(with occasional help from relatives) so has put a big strain on her the last few years and she had totally forgot about it. We definitely have not had any documentation from Lowell/BC since moving in with the in laws in November 2012 because of my health issues and I'm afraid they will
  5. We have been at this address for 3 years in November and have been on the electoral roll since we moved in.
  6. Evening Folks, Apologies if this is in the wrong section, if it is could the mods kindly move it. I have arrived home today with my wife to find that my wife has kindly received in the post a CCJ obtained by Lowell(Claimant)/Bryan Carter Solicitors on 16/09/2015. Now this has come as a bit of a shock as we have received no prior correspondence from them regarding this debt or anything to state there would be any date to appear in court to deal with this. The judgment has also been obtained in my wife's maiden name, despite us being married for 3 years. I would great
  7. Ericsbrother - As the 5k was paid with 2 different credit cards and because of the amount of time that has elapsed(18 months where as a charge back is a 120 day time limit) a chargeback cannot be made can it not? Although am I right in saying that a claim on the relevant credit cards under Section 75 of the CCA can be made?
  8. An update on this matter. There is a complete warranty on the walk in bath with respect to parts/labour included however the part has arrived but Mobility Plus are now requesting my wife's grandfather pay the cost of an engineer going out. I am intent he is not going to pay anything because of the warranty and the fact that under the SOGA - I do not feel that a part perishing on an item 18 months after installed falls under the 'Last a reasonable amount of time'. Any advice on how I can proceed? Many Thanks
  9. Conniff - Your help is/has been greatly appreciated. I have all my wife's grandfathers paperwork with me and he paid the entire amount via credit card so that's covered although I spoke to Mobility Plus first thing this morning making them aware of their rights under the SOGA(Call recorded thanks to app on my phone). I have just had a phone call back and surprise surprise, Mobility Plus are sending out a new door seal and when it arrives I need to call them again to get an engineer sent out to fix it. Could the admins, if possible keep this thread open until I have had the issue
  10. Conniff - Thanks for the reply. So far they have refused to provide my wife's grandfather with any information regarding the supplying company, lucky for me he is very clever when it comes to retaining and filing paper work. So far he has found something relating to a company called Kielder however my checks so far relating to a company by that name making/supplying these type of products have been fruitless. I think I'm going to have a bit of a fight with Mobility Plus on this one so any advice on taking them on is appreciated.
  11. Hi Folks, Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I didn't know where else was appropriate for this post, if it is in the wrong section, could the mods move it accordingly please. My wife's grandfather was sold a 'Walk In' bath less than 18 months ago for £5000 by Mobility Plus however the seal around the door has perished completely causing the bath to leak. My wife's grandfather has contacted Mobility Plus to get the seal replaced however upon phoning them, they have informed him that although he purchased the bath through them - the company which made the bath's/supplied p
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