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  1. I have been in contact with their compliance officer, but she's useless. She has ignored 3 of my emails asking to provide me with details of their legal department if they have one. Is she the person I need to contact?
  2. When I tried to contact AG about it, they sent me to DMS, can I sent it straight to AG? Is there a template letter for this kind of letter? Thank you for your help
  3. I received a letter at my house from DMS that was addressed to my birth name. I have never used my birth name in my life, growing up I used my Mother's maiden name so I was a bit surprised about receiving it. Anyway, I contacted DMS and they said the debt was sold to them by Arrow Global, who were instructed by Orange. Apparently, it's a £380 defaulted Orange contract. I contacted DMS (wrote to them/emailed and phoned) and told them I know nothing about the debt. They came back with a statement, that had my birth name on and my address that I lived at with my family. Tu
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