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  1. thanks for the reply CitizenB, the 2 mentioned which I have the biggest issue with were actually my earliest ones at which time there will have been no need to fabricate anything as things were generally good. I'll have a look for other people in similar situations, thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm new here so please accept my apologies if I'm asking the same question as hundreds of others or posting in the wrong place! A couple of years back, I suffered mental health problems and also a gambling addiction and got 'stuck in a rut' with various payday lenders. I knew I could say I earnt however much I wanted, no one checked, few credit checked, and I got money to waste. I was forever offered the chance to extend these loans, or repay them and get a higher loan the same day, until I reached breaking point, and for a while I've ignored them all. My question reall
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