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  1. Thanks again, I’m sure most of you have experienced the worry that I’m going through and therefore will understand the sense of relief I feel after reading your advice
  2. Many thanks for the speed of your replies and the advice (particularly London1971), my anxiety levels just dropped significantly. I will jump on this first thing in the morning and keep you informed.
  3. Hi, I’m very worried, I have received a 2nd letter from LCS this morning demanding £10,303 on behalf of HMRC. I cannot beleive that I have ever had an overpayment as my circumstances have been pretty much the same for 20 years. I am a single father of 4 children, one of which has a number of disabilities and for whom I am a carer. I am in receipt of benefits (Carers & IS) which barely covers monthly costs of the home and this has very much been my status for those last 20 years. Obviously my older children have now grown but I am still caring for my youngest daughter and there is no reason to beleive that will change. I’m lost as to how or where this debt has come from and if it is by some miracle correct then I have no disposable income whatsoever with which to service it. Can anyone offer me advice on what to do, I am lost Thanks
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