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  1. How can I prove to Concentrix what I do on a daily basis in regards to new products I am inventing and the work I do prototyping them ? I spend a lot of time conceptualising and thinking through the processes in order to get the products 'design ready' for a manufacturer to put them into production. During this time I earn nothing and need Working Tax Credits to buy food. I am solely responsible for my young son. Concentrix and HMRC have backed me up against the wall stating that I have to prove what I do, but there is no way to do so. How do I prove that yesterday I cut waterproof PVC materials and sewed them together, or that I did some soldering the day before that, or that I spent all day on Adobe Illustrator the day before that trying to get the design right ? I am terrified we will be left starving with no money to buy food. Citizens Advice Bureau have not even heard of Concentrix. When I call Concentrix they tell me that they have no email address (but they are registered as an international IT company ?) and that I have to send them original documents.....of what ? How can I ? So I write to HMRC to complain that I cannot send 'original documents' for the work I do, as there are none to send. HMRC write back to say that I must comply with Concentrix's requests. This is torment. There is nothing I can do.
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