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  1. Thanks for that sidewinder I am getting on to that grievance as its not only me shes done this sort of thing to
  2. Thanks for the advice but the person who is involved in all this has done the same to others in the workplace either to get extra feathers in her cap or not, I have been in touch with the DVLA and they have told me I am still able to drive, my employers now are looking at the fact that on my sick note the doc has put "stress" as even my doc thinks all this is detrimental to my health, I have told my firm they can look into my medical records as ive nothing to hide but it seems strange that they did exactly the same thing to me 12 months ago and I was found to be fit to drive and carry on as normal but because they are a big company they can treat ppl like something you scrape off ur shoe, thanks again for your advice forgot to say that I haven't got a contract asked for a copy as I remember signing one but they were adamant that I had one until I proved that no one in my branch had a copy
  3. Thanks for your reply, I am seeing the docs and hospital for my conditions but I went through the same thing 12 months ago so its not as though my company didn't know about my disability but because one person said I looked tired, but by the way was a lie, the thing that popped into there head was "you have got sleep apnea" and I know that I am fit to drive, I wouldn't risk my life or anyone elses if I thought I would a danger on the road. Going to see some one at the CAB as all this is really stressing me out as all I want to do is get back to work, they have no idea what they are causing me.
  4. Hi, I could do with a little help as new to this. I am working for a large car parts firm delivering parts, I suffer from sleep apnea which is a disability, one of my work mates which I thought was a mate told the manager how tired I looked and swerved the van, so immediately I was send home with no explaination and no proof of the allegation. I am off sick with stress due to all this, my disability is controlled by a CPAP machine and I am perfectly fine to drive and have never had an accident, I feel as though I am being discriminated against and that no one believes me which is awful. Any advice would be greatful, thanks in advance, also forgot to mention that I pointed out that other drivers have had accidents, quite badly some of them, my reply was "but they don't have sleep apnea" which means I am being treated differently to everyone else
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