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  1. I would pay over the phone via a card or can bank transfer - suppose whichever they accommodate really.
  2. Pity I only received it today like. So if I just pay this off, the CCJ won't go on my record, that's how it works?
  3. I don't know. This is everything it says... 'General Form of Judgement or Order' is at the top along with a box with info on the court claim no, date and my dob It then lists the case, Hoist v Me Then says.. "Before Deputy District Judge ..... It is adjudged that the claimant recover agains the defendant the sum of £1,853.65 for debt and interest to date of judgement and £355.00 for costs amounting together to the sum of £2,208.65 The defendant having paid the sum of £0.00 It is ordered that the defendant pay to the claimant the sum of £2,208.65 on or be
  4. I've now received a general form of judgement or order. Literally only just turned up and tells me I have until next Friday at 4pm (18th December) to pay. The hearing was on 2nd! Now I want to pay it all but I: 1. Didn't think it would be such short notice 2. It doesn't say anything about paying before then to stop the CCJ going on my record, if it even does? 3. It give's no info about what if I don't pay Obviously I plan to ring them Monday but obviously this turning up at such short notice has surprised me
  5. Does anyone know how long I should expect to wait for the judgement? It's been a week and I haven't had anything
  6. Exactly. He even mentioned the lack of evidence when moving towards making a decision. It was all over very quick. I could have pulled out statement after statement - but they would have wanted me to go through dozens of statements to look for a payment, in that period (my bank does it on transactions, not calendar months). I should have made this point I suppose but it didn't come up until at the end (of what was a very short hearing). As shamrocker says, I literally could have printed a kale statement - nothing was verified. If I didn't want to avoid the CCJ so much having had de
  7. I wonder whether I made the points as forcefully as I could, I don't know if nerves got the better of me or whether I didn't think it was appropriate. The claimants solicitor did try to use something I said saying that I had said the payments had been made when I had in fact said the only evidence of payments being made is the claimants word- I pointed out to her and the judge that I had said the claimants witness statement mentioned this not me. The judge did seem really hesitant that this wasn't clear cut - I do maybe think if I had a solicitor, it may have been different. But it's eas
  8. The judge opened up saying it was on the claimant to prove it wasn’t statute barred. They had sent someone to represent them (not the person on the witness statement). He did initially start off questioning that the transaction summary said payment received but that the claimants had said payments in their witness statement. He questioned which it was. He also made the point that the payment could feasibly be made in April 09 so be statute barred, and asked them about proof of payments. The claimant solicitor said that the date of May 2010 was the last date ente
  9. Hi Andy I will provide a fuller update shortly. I'm just checking on the judgement process as it stands - does anyone know when a CCJ shows on my credit record? I intend to pay it in full as I understand if I pay it in one month, it doesn't stay on my record for the six years. However, I am reading conflicting messages - that it goes on within a few days, then I need to pay it and have it removed. Or that it doesn't gone on until a month after and if I pay it before then, it never goes on. The reason I ask is I am due a bank appointment n
  10. Ok so the points I might wish to make - no proof, the transaction summary isn't much, no record on payments, any payments could easily have been pre claim form and still be statute barred - I say in response to points the claimant may make?
  11. So this is tomorrow! Just putting bullet points together, as my main body of what I am going to say, thanks to the help on here. I will update afterwards
  12. I was just thinking - is there any precedent/case law around proof on statute barred? Similar cases I can refer to - if anyone can point me in the right direction? Or will it all just be down to the judge on the day?
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